Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vamps gone Mad

The ContraCostaTimes have another vampire poll this time David Boreanaz is losing by a lot (%-wise, at least).

Thanks, Cat.


Shep said...

This is irritating. Anyone read the article 'if you ask a teen or tween girl to choose the hunkiest vampire, Robert Pattinson of "Twilight" would get her vote'

They obviously know nothing about teenage girls.

Laura said...

Let's give Robert Pattinson a hard time... I just voted, hope it helps.


mo said...

i think for someone who is supposed to look like a god-like Edward in Twilight should!!!- they picked a pretty ugly guy!!
--just my opinion...so if u dont like it.... .soryy

Merv said...

I just voted for David, of course. As much as it annoys me that David is in second place I have to remember that at one time I was a teenager too and all those raging hormones have to be focused somewhere. God forbid, back in my day it was New Kids On the Block. I totally dated myself with that one and I'm experiencing just a twinge of shame admitting it. lol

Most of these younger girls have probably never watched Angel or they would know that the real noble, self-sacrificing, brooding hunk of them all is the trench coat wearing, sloping forehead and piercing-eyed Angel. Just my opinion. But I'm hardly ever wrong. ;)

Shep said...

Most of the girls reading Twilight seem to be aged around 13-15. I'm almost 16, yet I found out about it after I noticed the hype surrounding it. Thank God I came across Buffy, Angel and DB when I did - been watching since I was about 12! I think you're right Merv - if they'd seen Angel before this Twilight hoo-hah, thay wouldn't be this swoony over Edward!

Merv said...

Shep, you have discerning taste. Most girls couldn't handle Angel and Buffy at 12. They were probably more into Bratz dolls at that age. ;)

I will say that this Edward/Robert fellow does have a rather unique face that merits a second glance. I thought he was cute as Cedric but had no clue it was the same fellow that plays Edward. Since I'm not a cradle robber my fancies are definitely with DB/Angel :D

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