Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vote for Bones

EW is conducting a new poll, the Best and Worst of 2008. The results will appear in the Dec 19th issue of the magazine, and Bones is up for Year's Most Gripping Drama. Go Vote!


Cate said...

What were the other shows up for the same nomination? I was so intent on voting for Bones, I completely skipped over the competition!

Ellie said... - little mention of DB here on the UK Digital Spy website. I think it's slightly mean, but see what you think.

Shep said...

Yeah, I saw the Digital Spy mention. That's not fair, he had an operation and couldn't exercise for weeks, but he was still hot IMO!

Wendy said...

The full list was:

* Lost
* Mad Men
* Gossip Girl
* Bones

I saw the DigitalSpy piece as well, but didn't post it intentionally. They are unfairly snarky and/or completely uninformed, that's for sure.

Ellie said...

Sorry Wendy, I shouldn't have posted the link. Feel free to delete the link if you don't want it on the site at all. E x

Wendy said...

Oh no, don't worry about it. I just didn't want to give any extra credence to it with a blog post. I don't mind you sharing the link at all :)

lily said...

That's just mean. Their probably just jealous that he losted his weight and looks HOT.

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