Sunday, April 20, 2008

Site Disclaimer

I, Wendy, am not affiliated with Fox or the show Bones in any way. I am a fan who appreciates this quality show and am here strictly to provide a solid information resource for other fans of the show. I strive to post everything I can find that is directly related to Bones that are legal and most public things related to the cast. I steer mostly clear of paparazzi shots and completely clear of any postings leading to overtly illegal downloading or viewing of copyrighted show material.

The site is free for the enjoyment of all fans and I appreciate your kind feedback as well as any tips of information or direct submissions.

I can be contacted via the blog email:

Use of My Works

90% of this site is reporting on show news and this disclaimer refers to use of such articles, photographs and off-site commentary.

As for the rest, my work, I don't mind it appearing elsewhere but please: if I'm your source for information or statements, such as my own words, cite me out of courtesy and respect. I put a lot of work into something I don't get paid to do and all I ask is that you give me credit where it is due.

Creative License Disclaimer

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All logos, pictures, videos, names and news stories are copyright of their respective owners and are being used under the "fair use" principle of the copyright law.

If you own the rights to any image or content used here and would like it removed please contact me at

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