Monday, April 28, 2008

Sexiest Smart Chick - Update

Emily Deschanel has been nominated as one of TV Guide's Sexiest Smart Chicks.

What's not to love? She knows karate, she can jury rig explosives, she looks great in a dress, and she can get the sexy sniper trained FBI agent to do anything for her. Oh and she also writes novels and solves crimes just by looking at bones. Love her? Can I be her?

Update: Well, unfortunately, she didn't win. Maybe next year she and David can be nominated as a sexy couple? Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay on her win.

Opinion: Make Brennan jealous, just a bit!

The more I watch, and re-watch, Bones episodes the more I see how much they give us Seeley's love and jealousy front and center but they don't really do that with Temperance. In my opinion, they should give us a bit more of that from her. I think one of the reasons that 'The Killer in the Concrete' is one of my favorite episodes is that, for a flash, we see her emotion and panic. When she punches the bounty hunter we can see how desperate she is to find her partner.

I realize that she's not an emotional person but after awhile that's really hard for the viewer to take this. I think they could show a little more emotion from her without making her an emotional wreck. People need to see that she wants Seeley as much as he wants her but they both have this unspoken (mostly) pact not to act on it. They are together as David Boreanaz tells us often, but they won't take the final step into a sexual relationship. I love watching a strong man protect and silently love his woman but I think we need to see a bit more of her looking at that final step, at him, and wishing she could.

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