Thursday, May 1, 2008

Taco Bell Commercial

If you watched the Season 1 episode 'The Man in the Bear' you should remember this guy

If you don't, he was Charlie, the Overnight guy (real name Rusty Joiner). The one with the well developed hips and thighs Brennan spoke so highly of...

David Boreanaz on Craig Ferguson - Update

According to a poster on the official Bones forums, David Boreanaz's appearance on Craig Ferguson has been scheduled for May 15th (the day before his 39th birthday) but I have yet to find a listing that quite goes to that day. I hope to have one soon.

Still time to catch his taping, if you live in LA.

Wed May 7, 2008 5:15 PM
David Boreanaz

Emily Deschanel has a boyfriend

That was probably unfair of me to phrase it that way, but in the mind of a little boy turning 6 today, she does! It's not a new clip, but it is certainly apropos today, on Jaden Boreanaz's birthday. Watch the video here, or go directly to the Fox site and search for it, of David Boreanaz discussing the crush.

PS As far as she's saying, she's dating no one seriously. Last rumor was that she was dating Michael Medico and she denied it.

Update: Turns out she does have a boyfriend.

Bonecitos - Bones Comics

I just stumbled across this profile where this girl creates these great Bones comics.

If only they would actually do that! Please visit her profile and give her love for the great job!

Open Comments - Now Enabled

I've decided to enable open comments, out of curiosity. If I start getting spammed I'll either go back to registered users only or approve all comments. The whole point of this blog is to get information out about this great show and I'd love to have open dialogue here with anyone who wishes to speak!

Bones Charity Auction - Update

If you have some spare cash (current bid is $660) and a love of Bones then visit this Ebay auction and bid on the chance for a walk-on role in Bones in Season 4. The powers that be will work with you to find a workable non-speaking role and you will be on set, ie likely hanging out with cast! How amazing would that be?

Update: The auction is on fire. 2 days, 10 hours left and it's up to $1,200. Someone is going to have the experience of a lifetime!

Forum Watch: Why will Booth and Bones make it longterm?

Elroy, at the official Bones forums has posted that question: Why will Booth and Bones make it longterm?

"Have you guys ever given much thought to the reasons that you believe B & B are one of those forever and for always kind of couples? Or, do you believe as some, that what they have is merely unrequited physical attraction run amok?"

Elroy has a very long, well thought out post as to why they are a forever couple and I really enjoy ItalianBones reply:

I agree 100% with you.

Here I am a living example: my husband and I have different religions, we come from different countries and our mother tongues are different, he loves water and sailing, I love mountains and skiing, I love movies and he hates TV, he's rational I am emotional, I love chocolate and he hates it.. should I go on?

Still we are happily married for 6 years and love doing things together.. think of all the great opportunities we are giving to our children, bilingual and learning so many different things, and we can always give so much to each other, a world from a different point of view.

It's plenty of fun if there is a deep respect for our diversities.

Ah, yes we met on the work place, we were part of the same team... ;-)"

My husband and I also have so many differences and yet we not only work, but we thrive. Differences keep things interesting and new!

Happy Birthday Jaden!

David Boreanaz's look-a-like son, Jaden, turns 6 today. I see lots of great pictures of Jaden and his dad out there but just a personal choice: I'm not going to post any links. You can find them if you want though! Call it a weird quirk or a personal choice, either works. A kid should be a kid, even if his Dad looks like, well...David Boreanaz and Jaden looks so much like his dad I have no doubt he'll be breaking hearts one day...

Here's a link to an old DB interview with People Magazine, instead, where he talks about enjoying fatherhood and how it changed him.

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