Monday, May 5, 2008

The Verdict in the Story - First Thoughts

Oh God, they better get this one online fast. I need to rewatch! Great, great episode. I was looking for the twist and they did an amazing job on it. And the Booth/Bones chemistry was AMAZING. Very good show!

If they get the show online tomorrow I should be able to post my full review as well. I most definitely won't delay.

David Boreanaz blogging for the NHL

David has a new post on his blog for the Flyers. You can check out his profile, and all his posts here.

Socks for Seeley

Thanks to a tip on the official Bones forums I came across this blog post today. A group of ladies have decided to knit David Boreanaz some crazy socks. Now I like to knit but I don't think my talent is nearly so good. It almost inspires me to try though!

Emily Deschanel: HD Hottie

Congrats, Emily!'s first High-Def Hottie.

Eric Millegan TV Guide Video

Great video with Eric Millegan and Michael Ausiello. It's a bit spoilery. If you're like to sit in the dark between each Monday then skip it but it won't tell you anything not in typical press releases and such.

He even dishes a little on those England episodes. Turns out only 2 will get to go on site for those!

Paley Center - Great write-up and other bits

This event at the Paley Center happened a month ago but until now I hadn't found a great write-up on it. It has been found! (Thanks to reading old posts on the Anti-Boneyard forums. Love you all!)

The write-up is long but well written, humorous and worth reading in it's glorious entirety. I thought to pick out a few excerpts but it just doesn't do the writer justice to bust it up like that and break the flow. Just go. Read it. If you love Bones you won't be disappointed. She has also posted many, many wonderful pictures.

There used to be cute videos on Youtube with terrible audio but it appears they have been deleted, more's the pity. It was fun to see the scene she describes of David trying to kiss Emily.

Couples Counseling Videos

These great 'Couples Counseling' videos were released early in Season 3 to co-incide with the first 5 episodes. Definitely worth a watch - good writing and David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are both very funny.

The Widow's Son in the Windshield

The Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

Death in the Saddle

The Secret in the Soil (Probably my favorite one)

The Mummy in the Maze

Why the blog 'is'

I'm a writer. I'm not exactly a published writer (that 5th grade poem doesn't count) but that does not make me any less of one at heart. You are what you are, even if it's a cliché. (If you desire, you can read more about the 'why' behind the 'am' here.)

I believe that it is important for writers to look at the writing of others, both good and bad, and learn from it. That is how this blog was born. I see such good in the writing on Bones (and sometimes a bit of bad) and I am constantly striving to learn from it.

I partly blog to promote this show I love. Here you'll find typical show tidbits - show news, cast information, programming notes, and the like. The writing isn't all I love in Bones (you can start with romance, move quickly to David Boreanaz, on to Emily Deschanel and go from there...). I want to both build up the show and simultaneously deconstruct it. You'll find in-depth reviews, as I can complete them, of every show. They aren't recaps; Fox does that for us on the official site and you can hit Wikipedia to fill in the gaps for many episodes. You'll find that I focus much more on the writing and the relational story arcs. I hope they bring to you something you don't see in other reviews/recaps out there.

I welcome comments & suggestions. Please feel free to comment on specific posts, or email me at

Happy Bonesday!

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