Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Wannabe in the Weeds - Promo Video

It looks like Fox isn't releasing any special promo videos for The Wannabe in the Weeds, so here is an upload of the preview that followed The Verdict in the Story.

Strike News - SAG and AMPTP break off talks

Sadly, the SAG and the AMPTP were not able to reach an agreement after 18 days of negotiations and the AMPTP has broken off negotiations with SAG and begun them with the AFTRA. There seems to be a large gulf between the two sides on this, with both sides claiming they have negotiated in good faith and that the other side is being unreasonable.

Lets hope the AFTRA is more successful and we're able to avoid a protracted strike like last fall. I want a full season of Bones here people!

For further coverage, check here.

Do Booth and Bones have TV's best chemistry?

The people at EW seem to think they might but they're asking for other nominees and our Booth and Bones sure aren't getting enough attention in those comments! If you love this relationship head on over there and give some kudos and a nice nomination support for them.

How could David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel not win this?! Get a move on people!

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are going to Monte Carlo

June 8-12 David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel will travel to Monte Carlo for the 48th annual Monte Carlo Television Festival.

"Monaco's Prince Albert II will preside over the sun-soaked event where TV series, telefilms and reality and entertainment programs from across the globe will compete for the coveted Golden Nymph prizes."

They will be joined by many other TV favorites, including: Evangeline Lilly and Naveen Andrews from "Lost," Eric Close of "Without a Trace," Tate Donovan and Ted Danson from "Damages" and Miranda Otto, Frances O'Connor and Bonnie Somerville of "Cashmere Mafia."

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Ratings for 'The Verdict in the Story' 5/5/08

I wish Fox had promoted this episode a little better. 'Baby in the Bough' had 9.8 million viewers and the fast ratings for 'Verdict in the Story' show a dip to 8.13 million. A quick shot of David Boreanaz' face when he's holding Emily Deschanel or something! Who could resist? You can see the rest soap box on promotion vs delivery in the 'Verdict in the Story' review and how, in this case, delivery made promotion her _____.

Breaking down ratings isn't my cup o' tea so when I find a better chart or analysis I'll post it.

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Ask Ausiello - 5/7/08

Ausiello is back again with a little Bones scoop. Highlight below the image for the text so we can save the anti-spoiler people the pain.

Question: I'm a huge fan of Bones. I have one question: Is one of the two deaths you mentioned in last week's Ask Ausiello not real?Rita

Ausiello: Good question. It actually might not be. Shortly after AA went live last week, a Bones insider e-mailed me to say, "There are actually two casualties coming up — only one of which leads to death." My mole's tip was all but confirmed by co-star Eric Millegan at TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party. Actually, Millegan had a lot to say about this season's final two episodes (airing May 12 and 19), paying specific attention to the fate of his character, Zack, and the evil Gormogon.

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