Friday, May 9, 2008

David Boreanaz talks Flyers

David Boreanaz called into a Philly radio station to talk some hockey. There are a few Bones references and his son Jaden (near the end and oh so cute!) gets on the phone to cheer on the team. It's a worth a listen.

Visit the Philadelphia Sports Radio website and look to podcasts on the right side.

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Forum Watch: Did they have to name him Seeley?

I saw a post today on the official Bones forums complaining about the name Seeley. Now personally, I think it's great when characters have offbeat names. Who wants another John / Mike / Chris whatever? I like the name Seeley Booth. Seeley means blessed and I think it's a fitting name for our hero.

What do you think?

PS You can call David Boreanaz cheesehead and I'll still watch him!

Emily Deschanel does have a boyfriend

There's a great article here at USA today about our lovely Bones, Emily Deschanel.

Here are a few excerpts:

On being a vegan ~
"Her [vegan] lifestyle extends to avoiding leather clothing or consuming even honey because "sometimes," she says, "they kill the bees.""

On being named a producer this year ~
"She and her on-screen crime-solving partner, David Boreanaz (FBI Agent Booth), were named producers on the show this season, which has upped their creative input.

"David had it in his contract, and I think they wanted to do something to make me feel equal with him, which is nice," she explains. "We're definitely more involved in the show and where it goes … if there are story lines or plot points we feel aren't right for the characters."

On her love life ~
"Later in the afternoon, she and her boyfriend are taking a Jewish food cooking class. She declines to name her beau, explaining: "The last time I talked about my (ex) boyfriend, we had broken up by the time the article came out.""

I was right, she does have a boyfriend! And he's not 6 (we think).

Emily Deschanel on Craig Ferguson 5/8/08 Video

Emily Deschanel was wonderful on Craig Ferguson last night! Here are the youtube videos.

Reminder again, David Boreanaz will be on Craig Ferguson next Thursday night, May 15th.

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