Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wannabe in the Weeds - Fox Videos

The official Fox site has some posted videos for The Wannabe in the Weeds. They could be considered slightly spoilerish but they are the official release clips, unlike what I posted before.

They're available on the Fox site or with the following Youtube embeds. Enjoy!

David Boreanaz blogging for the NHL, 5/9/08 Post

David has a new post on his Flyers Blog. You can read it here.

You can hear him talk about his Flyers love, his blog, Bones and much more (even hear his son cheer the flyers) here.

Bones: Season 4 renewal announcement?

David Boreanaz and Hart Hanson have been very clear that Season 4 is a go, they're working on it now, etc, etc. Hart has even hinted, cautiously, at a Season 5. So why is there no official announcement from Fox? They are currently shooting, I think, 6 episodes that are numbered as Season 3 episodes but will be shown starting August 26th. That sure sounds like Season 4 to me.

Will it come after the upfronts next week? We can hope. Bones isn't the only show on the 'fate unknown' list but it flatly shouldn't be there. It should very firmly be on the locked in list!

Season 4 Information can be found here

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