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More Semi-Spoilers for The Pain in the Heart

'On the set of the 'Bones' Finale' is a semi-spoilery read about The Pain in the Heart. It really doesn't reveal anything that isn't commonly known or easily deduced from the official release pictures for The Pain in the Heart. But if you're die-hard anti-spoilers you might want to skip it.

Some non-spoilery bits:

Eric Millegan, on the yet-to-be-revealed mystery of what he character went through in Iraq: "In the first episode we found out that I didn't quite fit in and I was sent home early, but we didn't know much more than that and I actually asked Stephen Nathan, one of our executive producers, at the beginning of the season 'Is there anything you could give me, that maybe I could play?' And he was like, 'You've been to Iraq. And now you're back.' That was his instruction for me. In other words, it was something I was going to learn more about as the season went along. And we'll cover it. All in due time."

Deschanel, on being asked to sing in last week's episode: "I was not great, but I can carry a tune usually. Sometimes I go off key a little bit. It was and terrifying at the same time, which good. It was good to face fears..."

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Big Spoiler for The Pain in the Heart - Bones Season 3 Finale

So far, the only link I have is on Hulu, which is US only. Do not take this scene entirely at face value if you watch it. It IS a spoiler and a big one though so be warned.

I'll keep an eye out for a youtube or other hosting site link for those of you outside the US.

PS I'm already spoiled on most of the Season finale. I'm not breaking my no spoiler vow here!

For the's not on Youtube or anything, that I can see. But you can try this:

Register for livejournal then also register "on and the video will work for you very well, I promise you (some postings are 'closed', for the members only, hence you can't see them)."

-Thanks to Mereva on The Anti-Boneyard for that tip -

When I can find a world-friendly link like Youtube I will post it.

Who is Gormogon?

2 days left to the airing of The Pain in the Heart and then we'll know the answer...but it's fun to keep guessing. It's not a stretch to say that it's good writing, and good security, that it's so unknown this far in the season. I watch NCIS too and the reported death coming on Tuesday has all the gossip completely centered on one person...not so here.

I must admit the poll results (see left) are surprising thus far. The current favorite, no I won't tell you - vote and find out, would definitely be an interesting twist. In fairness I did leave out a few important options

- Clark Edison
- Max
- the father of the dead intern, who's name I'm currently too lazy/busy (you pick) to look up
- FBI Tech Marcus Geier
- Agent Frost, the FBI Bomb Tech that Hodgins fawned over in the Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

As well as the occasionally suggested:

- Cullen
- Michael Stires

I don't think those last two could possible constitute betrayal of Brennan though, as both have been gone a long time.

Keep voting! And if you have the inclination and a bit of time, drop a comment here, or on the original post, and tell us why you voted as you did.

The answer, if you haven't finished Season 3, can be found here with an explanation here.

Hart Hanson Interview (Another) Article

The same interview, different article. Click here.

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Paley Center Bones Event - Official Video

If you visit the Paley Center website here you can scroll down the right side and view an official clip roll of the April Bones event. There used to be some fan videos floating around but it looks like they've all been deleted. You can view a good writeup of the entire event here.

Hart Hanson Interview (Old) Article

Earlier today I posted an article based on a Friday interview with Hart Hanson. A little bit of digging led me to this Hart Hanson interview from 2006 which was the basis for this article. It's a goldmine of information about how the show came about and the creative process behind it.

A few gems:

Do you look at stories in the news?

HH: We definitely look at what's going on, but we're not a “ripped from the headlines” show. Although the pilot was thinly based on Chandra Levy and Laci Peterson. And we've had a couple of other shows where the jump off point was a real case, and then it rapidly turns into a Bones and so I think it's barely recognizable.

What do you think Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz bring to their roles?

HH: Well David was actually cast first. We'd been looking for Temperance Brennan for a long time, and had seen many, many actresses and not finding the lead to our show, the show we had in mind, when the head of the studio, Dana Walden, said “Would you consider David Boreanaz?” I said “I'd hire him today. I'd hire him right now.” It's not so much that I was huge fan of Buffy and Angel, but I definitely watched them, because I think that Joss Whedon is one of the great showrunners in TV, in fact he's just a brilliant man, so I would watch how his shows unfolded. As a result, I saw David over many years just grow and grow and grow as an actor, and I thought he was a great leading man, an old fashioned kind of guy, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, mixed with a little Cary Grant. So we just jumped at him.

Emily was a longer search. We knew we needed someone who was smart, beautiful, and funny - all three of those things, like the legs of a stool. We kept finding actors who were two of those three things. You know, they'd be smart and beautiful but not funny, or funny and smart but not beautiful, or ... well, you know the math. And then she walked in and she just was the character. She is smart and beautiful and funny and she's slightly different. She's just left of centre as an actress. It was just ideal. She has a magnificent vocal quality. We were really excited when we saw her. And then the two of them together, when they tested together, you just knew they had that thing you can't count on, that little bit of chemistry.

Emily Deschanel - Make-a-Wish

These are a week or two old but it's been busy 'round here! In early May Emily Deschanel appeared at the Make-A-Wish Wine Tasting and Auction. Of course she looked lovely, as always.

Hart Hanson Interview Article

It seems you can't avoid spoilers at all. As I sorta, okay seriously, idolize Hart Hanson I had to read an article about the interview he did yesterday. (It sounds like a conference call with multiple reporters a la what David Boreanaz did in April.) It does, however, have a few spoilers. Nothing big - we don't find out when Booth and Bones will finally make the leap or exactly 'Who is Gormogon?'


• Hart doesn’t want the show to move to Friday any more than its fans do: “I hope [the Fox Winter 2009 schedule] is another Bones is moving to Friday joke. I’m cranky about it on a whole bunch of levels. We are a very good pairing with House, so to be split up from them bugs me. I can see what the network is doing. I see their reasoning. I just don’t like it.”
• Dream guest star for season four? Miss Britney Spears, herself. Well, not really, but Hart jokes that after the magic she worked on How I Met Your Mother’s ratings, she might be just what Bones needs -- though he's proud to share that Bones is one of the only shows to actually gain viewers post-strike: “Our audience is following us. It’s gratifying."

As one who hated the American Idol bit, ratings or not...Just say no to Britney Spears! Just be a great show, as always.

You can see the full article here.

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