Sunday, May 18, 2008

If you can't watch the Hulu Clip of tomorrow's show...

Here's a pretty bad Youtube version. But at the least you can see it if you haven't found it elsewhere. This is most likely the opener for tomorrow's show. Watch with caution and don't take it totally at face value if you do.

US people can still see the Hulu version.

Bones Season 4 Tidbit from Emily Deschanel

Click here for all the Bones Season 4 Information

New York Tails Magazine was at the Farm Sanctuary Benefit and spoke with a few stars, including Emily Deschanel. She lets out this little tidbit for Season 4. It's not really a spoiler, just fun to know.

--Emily Deschanel ("Bones") let spill that there will be an episode involving a dog-fighting investigation and her character's legendary forensic skills when the new season starts this fall. Asked what her often socially-inept character would do in a room with a dog fighter, Ms. Deschanel says "she'd probably punch him!"

You can view the entire piece here.

Emily Deschanel at Farm Sanctuary Gala 2008

Emily Deschanel at the Farm Sanctuary Gala, 2008. Held on May 17th in New York City. Many more pictures can be seen here.

Vote for Emily Deschanel - PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian

Emily Deschanel is in the running for 'World's Sexiest Vegetarian' (technically she's Vegan). Head to this link and cast your vote!

Thanks to Tempebren for the tip!

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