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Strike News - SAG and AMPTP to resume talks

According to the SAG website they are scheduled to resume talks with the AMPTP by May 28th or sooner. Lets hope AFTRA and AMPTP make some great headway and all of this gets resolved sooner rather than later.

David Boreanaz in Smoke Magazine

So it would seem that the cigar in the bathtub scene wasn't just for show. David Boreanaz is actually a casual cigar smoker. Here's a bit from an article on David Boreanaz in the Spring issue of Smoke Magazine. (Thanks to Kiz, via Marymageli on the ABY for the post!)

Smoking is still a gross habit! But hey...

David Boreanaz:
No BONES About Him..

Onscreen, David Boreanaz has been a serial killer, fought with vampires, and solved the toughest murder cases in the land. So, while he and the rest of Hollywood took a strike break, Smoke took the opportunity to talk to the real David about his thoughts on dogs as talent scouts, the craft of acting, and cigars on the golf course. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to his latest hit Bones, Boreanaz explains it all.

By Evan Dashevsky;
Photos by John Russo

David Boreanaz has his dog to thank for his career, a fact he absolutely confirms from his California home while on a writers’ strike scheduled holiday—kind of. “Well, that helped kind of push the career along. I mean, that is a true story; I was walking my dog and a talent scout saw me on the street. Then from there, I got my manager, which led to me getting my first acting jobs.”

See, it was his dog. And while it may be ability that has sustained his career through three hit TV series, it was the fact that his dog needed some exercise one day that first got David’s toes in the industry door. Also, destiny wasn’t hurt by the fact he and his dog were walking in a cosmopolitan urban center where open-minded attitudes extend to the street level, dog-walking circuit. “He was trying to pick me up. It was a guy, he was homosexual. You know, he knew off the bat when he met me that I was very into females, so he knew he was going to strike out on that one. But I did some research and saw he was a reputable guy. So, yeah, walking my dog kind of led me to acting.”

So, that was how it started. A simple dog walk and a misread street infatuation in Los Angeles launched the career for the Buffalo-born, Philadelphia-bred son of a local weatherman. Boreanaz, the former high school jock and once-upon-a-time ball boy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, wasn’t taking his acting career too seriously until he moved out to California at the age of 22. “I didn’t really do well in acting class. They were kind of bizarre to me,” he recalls of his first awkward forays into dramatic training. “But then I had this one teacher who kind of transcended me into improvisational games and technique and things like that. That made sense to me. Then you know to work with people.” Sometimes instinct and real-life experience is all an actor needs. Boreanaz never fancies himself the future Olivier, but prides himself on being able to wax intelligently about his craft, considering himself to simply be “somebody who likes to be around experiences and moments of life, and portray those experiences and those emotions through characters.”

However, it probably wasn’t direct experience that helped David breath everlasting life into the character that launched him into superstardom. In 1997, David introduced the world to its most beloved vampire with a soul, Angel, on sci-fi teen angst phenomenon Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (For the uninitiated, here’s Angel in 60 words: born in Galway, Ireland in the 1700s, the womanizing son of a wealthy landowner becomes an immortal vampire and terrorizes Europe for a century or so before a gypsy curse returns his soul to him, thus giving him empathy for mankind. He eventually settles outside Los Angeles in the 1990s where he defends southern California from the forces of evil.) The role drew so much fan attention, Angel was given his own namesake spin-off, which ran for five seasons and developed a cult following for the young actor.

David has, more recently, left the gothic soap opera genre and moved into the forensic investigations realm with his Fox show Bones. At the time of the interview Bones was still “on break,” as he benignly put it. “Everyone’s pretty much shut down as far as Hollywood is concerned, we’re kind of in a holding pattern.” The show already had four pre-strike episodes in the can, but after producers and writers ironed things out, the show was back in production and the network plans to start airing new episodes in April. And then “how many episodes we do from there until May is dependent on how many we can get done, at least as the current season is concerned.”

In Bones, David portrays Special Agent Seeley Booth alongside Emily Deschanel’s forensic-nerd hottie, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan. Every week the pair solve murders based on what they can extract from human remains in various states of decomposition. Bones is part of the larger “cops with corpses” trend that has taken over the hour-long TV crime genre. Everything from the ubiquitous CSI franchise down to the god-awful Navy NCIS is built around scene-after-scene of attractive actors leaning over piles of mangled body parts with beaker and UV-light in hand. So, how does Bones go about standing apart from all those other shows, like, say a Navy NCIS? “Well that’s a very procedural show—they heighten and explore the procedure of solving crime with DNA and blood. I actually don’t even like Bones when it goes in those directions, so I’m always spinning it in the character’s head—spinning it to what makes this character tick and make the character come out in the forefront rather than the B-story of the crime and the DNA… Even if we were in the lab or dissecting the DNA and the blood, I have to find ways to have Booth and Bones connect mentally, spiritually, hilariously. That’s what’s intriguing for the audience: to have a relationship with the characters, rather than the DNA. Some people really enjoy watching those other kind of shows, but that’s not what I like.”

But for a short while, David took a break from Bones as writers and producers worked to find a shared definition of “residual.” His time off from Bones wasn’t all vacation however. He recently finished shooting the sports drama Our Lady of Victory alongside Entourage’s Carla Gugino where he plays husband to the coach of the first college women’s basketball national champions. He also has been able to spend a lot more time with his wife Jaime Bergman, an actress and former Playboy model and their five-year old son at their vacation home in Park City, Utah. “We get up there as much as we can. I love being outdoors. I do some mountain biking. I took up fly fishing this year. And ice hockey—play tons of ice hockey.” He also does a bit of traveling to the east coast and hits up London when he can. And, of course enjoys a good “cedar-wrapped Fuente—that’s what I like. I’m more of a mild cigar guy. I don’t like hard Cubans, I like something smooth, not as heady. I always appreciate a fine cigar when I hang out down in Mexico. A good cigar always goes nice with some Sambuca—dip the tip in to it, makes for the perfect smoke. I’m also a big golf-smoker—when playing a round with the guys, I always enjoy a nice stogie.”

Boreanaz has certainly seen his hard work rewarded with three hit shows and a rabid following. He has done some film work before, such as 2001’s horror flick Valentine, but is starting to gear himself towards more thoughtful fare such as starring alongside Allen Cummings and Carrie Fisher in last year’s independent dark comedy Suffering Man’s Charity. Unfortunately, any more ventures into film might be in a bit of a holding pattern until the strike bottle neck works its way through. But on a positive note, that gives him plenty of time to, say, go for a nice walk with his dog and see where destiny takes him next.

Emily Deschanel in Documentary "Meat the Truth"

Emily Deschanel has been a Vegan since she was 15 and watched a documentary on the meat industry. Since then she has committed her lifestyle to being animal-cruelty free. That means no animal products consumed or worn which includes many things we take for granted: wool, silk, honey, most shampoos and beauty products. It's not an easy lifestyle and while I do not practice that in the slightest I greatly admire her heart and dedication.

Along with that, she appears at many charity events related to her choice and lends her talents where she can. One such avenue is a new documentary entitled "Meat the Truth." You can read more about it here.

-Image of Emily at Farm Sanctuary Gala - May 17, 2008

David Boreanaz & Vampires that Don't Suck

David Boreanaz doesn't like to dwell on his past. He lives in the now...but what fan can forget Angel?

iFMagazine has compiled a list of the top 10 vampires that don't suck. David Boreanaz's Angel rates well! You can check out the entire list here.

Why he doesn’t suck: He’s the vampire with a soul. What’s not to like. He’s a good vampire that always toes the line between his good side and his bad vampire side that is everything the opposite of what Angel is. The best part about Angel is he gets the girl. He’s the boyfriend of a vampire slayer and is a vampire – it is the ultimate irony and is why he is cool.

Zack Addy as Hannibal Lector

It's been bandied about that Zack could very well appear as sort of a Hannibal Lector character now, where they go to him when they're really stumped and need help.

What do you think? Would you enjoy it? Do you just want Zack to appear any way they can get him? Does it make sense? Do you think it's a little odd?

Fox Won in the Ratings Monday night

Link here. (They used Bones as the picture, yay!)

The season finale of "Bones" earned a 6.3/10 for FOX, topping "The Big Bang Theory," 4.7/8, and "How I Met Your Mother," 4.9/8, on CBS.

Most Recorded TV shows - Bones in the top 15

TIVO has released it's list of the most recorded TV shows and TVSquad brings us the info.

I was going to title this post "What are the most DVR'd TV shows?" but wasn't sure if DVR'd is a real word or not. And did I even spell it right?

Anyway, the list of the top 15 recorded shows for the past year has been released, and there are little or no surprises on it. Grey's Anatomy tops this list with 3.78 million viewers, while the Tuesday edition of American Idol comes in a close second with 3.73 million. Full list after the jump!

1. Grey's Anatomy (+3.78 million)
2. American Idol - Tues (+3.73 million)
3. House - Tues (+3.49 million)
4. House - Mon (+3.45 million)
5. Lost (+3.42 million)
6. American Idol - Weds (+3.38 million)
7. Heroes (+2.91 million)
8. CSI (+2.80 million)
9. Desperate Housewives (+2.69 million)
10. The Office (+2.52 million)
11. Survivor: China (+2.35 million)
12. Survivor: Micronesia (+2.28 million)
13. Criminal Minds (+1.97 million)
14. Private Practice (+1.95 million)
15. Bones - Mon (+1.90 million)

(The + denotes how many viewers each show gained from DVR recording.)

I guess I do see one surprise, the fact that Bones is in the top 15. I would have thought that some other buzz-worthy show would make it's way into the usual American Idol / House / Grey's Anatomy / Survivor mix.

-Don't underestimate Bones! Bones never drops off the 'Most Popular' list on Hulu and has more viewers than many 'Buzz-worthy' shows.

Thanks to the ever-awesome Marymageli at The Anti-Boneyard for this tip and a couple others this morning!

Eric Millegan @ EOnline

EOnline has posted a great Q&A with Eric Millegan on the finale and his character.

Star Eric Millegan Talks About the Bones Finale Shocker

Categories: bones
Eric Millegan, Bones

If you haven't seen Monday's season finale of Bones, please don't read this interview.

If you have, and you want Eric Millegan's take on the shocking turn involving his character, forensic anthropologist Dr. Zack Addy, do click in...

How did you find out?
I was in Sacramento, going to a Portland Trail Blazers game. I actually had courtside seats. I was on my way there, and I got a call from Hart's assistant saying they want to meet with me to talk about the first two scripts back from the strike. I thought, "OK..." and I scheduled the appointment for the following week.

But I thought, "What's that meeting about?" and I started to get paranoid, so I called while I was at the game. I called Hart, and I was like, "You have to tell me what this meeting's about." He said, "No, we need to tell you in person." And I asked, "Am I going to still be on the show?" And he said, "No, Zack's not going to be a series regular."

So I rescheduled the meeting for the following day so I could find out what was going on. They said you're Gorgamon's apprentice, and this is where we're going with the show. It was shocking and upsetting, but I just kind of rolled with the punches.

After watching the show Monday night, I thought to myself that you're a great actor—I totally believed your denial about being the killer.
I was sworn to secrecy, or I would have told you all the truth

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz said to me at the upfronts that he was very surprised about the identity of the killer. How did this situation go over otherwise, within in the cast?
Boreanaz told you that? That's nice to hear. People were stunned. I know T.J. said, "I'm not all right with this," and Tamara and Michaela told me they cried. Everyone was upset with it.

Outside of just the external drama, internal to the story, do you feel like if we go back and watch this season there is a lot of subtle evidence that Zack was turning into a minion of evil?
There's a little bit of evidence in the episode where we sang. I talk about how I have a workout regimen and how I'm deceptively strong.

And Cam said, "I was deceived."
But to answer your question, as far as I know this wasn't something that they decided at the beginning of the season. It wasn't something I was told about until we shot the court episode.

Then, in terms of the finale, just because I know you and I like you personally, as well as who doesn't love Zack, I was kind of just affronted by explanation that, "Oh, he was a weak personality." How did you feel about the rationale for Zack having gone over to the dark side?
I followed the writers for the three years I worked on the show. If they say this is what it is, then I follow it. I'm not sure if it comes into my mind whether I believe it or not. If they say that's what it is, that's what it is and that's what I play. I don't think too much about it. My main reaction when they first told me was, "Has Zack been eating people?!" And they said no, and I was like OK.

Hart and Stephen are so on my list right now. Anyway, apparently you're Hannibal Lecter now and can be a criminal mastermind advisor to the gang.
Yeah. What is that? Everybody tells me that—remind me how my storyline is like Hannibal Lecter.

Yeah, apparently Zack's a killer, and Zack's very smart, but I'm not sure that adds up to Zack being the one guy in the world who can give us the insight we need to solve the crime.

What are you doing next? Are you shooting any follow-up episodes of Bones? Will you go to Broadway and sing for us?
That would be nice! In terms of returning next season, they didn't kill my character, and they could have. So the fact that my character's still alive certainly leaves the door open for a return. And you never know if they're going to do it or not, but I would say there's a good possibility. Otherwise I'll be auditioning for television and film projects, and I hope to get another project soon that I can tell you all about.


Tubers, post your take on this tragic development in the comments. Is it a smart, strategic move by the writers? Or just sad and unnecessary? I'm dying to hear your thoughts.

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