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Eric Millegan Article - Lansing State Journal

Another Eric Millegan article has turned up, this one in the Lansing State Journal. It's got a few previously unseen tidbits.

Millegan reflects on 'Bones'

U-M, Interlochen alum went from Broadway to TV

Eric Millegan was getting ready for a fine evening.

The "Bones" co-star and University of Michigan theater grad was courtside with his favorite basketball team, the Portland Trail Blazers. Then:

• He learned he would soon be unemployed.

• He learned he'd been helping a serial killer.

• And the Trail Blazers lost.

"That went from one of my best days to one of my worst," Millegan said.

He's had time to get used to it now, but viewers may need a while. The season finale aired Monday, packing a surprise.

There was Zack Addy (Millegan), former child prodigy and current sweet-faced scientist. He had been secretly helping Gormogon, the serial killer.

"When I first found out, I was like, 'That's ridiculous!' " said Millegan, 33.

Then he agreed it's possible: Zack takes pride in being ruled by logic; he fell for the Gormogon notion of killing a few people to help the many.

By the end of the hour, Gormogon was dead and Zack was being shipped to a mental institution. He might return, Millegan said, but not as a regular.

So Millegan is back to job-searching. He has more turf to search than most, all the way from Hollywood to Broadway.

Before any of this, he was a sweet-voiced teen who grew up in Oregon, but has some of his best memories from Michigan.

He spent three summers at the Interlochen Arts Camp - "the most amazing time in my life" - and won a scholarship to the University of Michigan's elite musical-theater program.

Those were good years, he said, especially after he became open about his homosexuality. And after graduating, he became busy in musicals.

On Broadway, he was a disciple in the "Jesus Christ Superstar" revival. Elsewhere, he starred with Estelle Parsons in "Harold and Maude" and starred in the early workshops of "Spring Awakening."

Then came "Bones" and Millegan was considered a fresh face. "I'd been in the business for 10 years," he said.

Zack was the assistant to "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel), who had an almost maternal fondness for him. Derided as "squints" by the FBI guys, they were better at lab work than at human contact.

"It's been such a journey," Millegan said. "I don't think any character has changed as much, except for Brennan."

He savored the three years of steady employment. Shortly after the writers' strike was settled, before actors were called back to work, he went to that Trail Blazers game.

Then he got a call, asking if he could come in the next day for a meeting.

"I'm like, 'Hmmm. I'm paranoid and this does not sound good.' "

So Millegan insisted on the news then. He learned that his character was leaving.

Some good came, he said, including the quiet moment between Zack and Brennan. "It's a great scene; the whole episode was really good."

And some bad came, including a return to unemployment. Also, the Trail Blazers finished with a .500 record and missed the playoffs; sometimes, things just don't work out.

Bones Season 3 Ratings

Here is a chart of the ratings for Bones Season 3. (Thanks to Kiz on the official forums)

Date                 Viewers           Demo
09/25/07 8.40 M 3.3
10/02/07 7.98 M 3.0
10/09/07 8.48 M 3.2
10/23/07 8.94 M 3.2
10/30/07 8.98 M 3.3
11/06/07 9.53 M 3.6
11/13/07 9.12 M 3.4
11/20/07 8.70 M 3.0
11/27/07 9.68 M 3.4
12/04/07(R) 8.17 M 2.4
12/11/07(R) 6.14 M 2.0
12/18/07(R) 5.86 M 2.0
12/25/07(R-S) 4.25 M 1.3

New Day - Fridays

01/04/08(friday) 5.81 M 1.7
01/08/08(R) 6.36 M 2.0
01/11/08(R) 4.49 M 1.3
01/18/08(R) 5.07 M 1.5
01/25/08(R) 5.44 M 1.6
02/01/08(R) 5.54 M 1.5
02/08/08(R) 5.77 M 1.5
02/22/08(R) 7.04 M 2.3
02/29/08(R) 6.38 M 1.6
03/07/08(R) 6.66 M 1.7
03/28/08(R) 5.26 M 1.4
04/04/08(R) 4.58 M 1.2
04/11/08(R) 4.84 M 1.3

New Day - Mondays, 8pm

04/14/08 8.73 M 2.9
04/21/08 8.76 M 2.7
04/28/08 9.80 M 3.2
05/05/08 8.23 M 2.7
05/12/08 9.68 M 3.3
05/19/08(SF) 10.30 M 3.4

Fox is King of the Airwaves

For the first time since it opened for business in 1987 Fox has earned the top spot in network popularity for the year. Unfortunately the author seems to have forgotten that Fox airs anything but American Idol (not hard to do I guess). Lets hope Fox is less forgetful and remembers it's scripted shows like Bones. I'll take Bones, House, and the upcoming Dollhouse over AI anyday!

The Pain in the Heart - Quotes

I'm a bit behind on this promised post. Sorry! I usually include these sprinkled throughout my reviews but the review for The Pain in the Heart was very sad this time and the quotes are mostly funny so it just didn't fit.

What quote(s) stood out to you?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Brennan: That woman was aiming at me. I would have happily taken that bullet.

Brennan: If there were a merciful God, why wouldn't he have saved Booth?

Hodgins: National Security. A catch-all phrase for 'We do anything we want.'

Brennan: Just know, I won't be attending your next funeral.

Booth: Hot tub plus cold beer equals warm beer. Hat equals solution.

Brennan: We've been partners for 3 years, Booth, and you've broken protocol before. Sometimes putting my life in danger. Which makes perfect sense because you clearly don't have any real concern for me.
Booth: I took a bullet for you.
Brennan: Once. That only goes so far.

Booth: Next time I die, I promise I will tell you.

Cam: A toothless cannibal just can't cut it in today's competitive serial killer environment.

Booth: This is my house. You come into my house there's no telling what you're going to hear.

Booth: What do you wear in the tub, floaties?

Hodgins: Do I hear a little 'tude, young man?

Booth: Slug him. (over and over)

Sweets: You know, I think it's interesting psychologically how Agent Booth's constant efforts to persuade you to enjoy fruit pie could be interpreted as a kind of seduction.
Booth: Whatever you two are talking about just stop it.

Brennan: If Booth hears what you did, he'd beat you up.
Sweets: Don't you think that'd be an overly aggressive act?
Brennan: Not at all.

Sweets: You have a reverence for life that belies the cold calculations of a killer, and the emotional connection you share with Agent Booth...

Booth: Don't you know by now you can't rush her?

Sweets: This is fierce wretched.

Hodgins: He's scared of polka dots but screaming agony is just an interesting phenomenon.

Zack: I'm afraid the painkillers, while pleasant, dull my intellect.
Hodgins: Sometimes your friend's gotta step in...dumb it up for you.

Grad Student: I'm third in my class.
Brennan: I'd like the names of the two students in front of you.

Booth: Sweets, you're going to give this one to Bones.

Cam: You know what? To hell with Zack. He's an adult. He made his choices. People are who they are. There's nothing any of us could have done for the guy.

Cam: I knew the day I met Zack he'd cause me pain.

Angela: Brennan, he totally loved you. I mean, as much as he was capable.

Booth: I think you gave him something great, Bones.

Emily Deschanel Celebrates 16 Years of Veganism

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Emily Deschanel - Meat the Truth
Emily Deschanel - Farm Sanctuary 2008

Emily Deschanel was approached for a quick interview at Farm Sanctuary 2008 by an Ecorazzi blogger.

Farm Sanctuary Gala Exclusive: Emily Deschanel Celebrates 16 Years Of Veganism

Like an Everlasting Gobstopper’s infinite flavor or the Energizer Bunny’s will to keep going, Ecorazzi is unstoppable in our delivery of exclusive celebrity interviews from the 2008 Farm Sanctuary Gala. From Melissa and Swoosie to Rory, Russell and even Dennis, we’ve got the inside scoop on all things animal.

As the night continued I found my way over to the very stunning Emily Deschanel. I saw Emily two years ago at the Gala, but this was my first time saying hello. Truthfully, I have a wicked crush on her sister, Zooey, and I wanted my opening question to be: is your sister single? But I thought maybe that wouldn’t be the BEST way to start an interview with someone I’d never met. So I stayed professional and here’s what she had to say:

Parrish: Hey Emily! Well first off, I was so impressed when I found out you’ve been vegan for 16 years. Is that right?

Emily Deschanel: 15 or 16 years now. I’d have to count back. I’ll think about it and get back to you.

P: And I also learned that it was John Robbins’ Diet for a New America that did it for you?

ED: Yes! I went to a high school called Crossroads in Santa Monica and you know it was a very kinda socially conscious school to go to. And we had a day — I think they call it Forum Day — where they present different issues and we watched the documentary of Diet for a New America and then I read the book and immediately became vegetarian. And then two years later, or maybe a year and half, I became completely vegan.

P: And why are you here tonight celebrating Farm Sanctuary?

ED: It’s just such an amazing organization. I’ve really been involved with them for a few years now. I don’t know how long exactly. But I’ve been to the sanctuary. It’s just such an extraordinary organization because they work from so many different angles. I mean they have two sanctuaries – one on each coast. They also do so much for passing legislation for farm animals and education and advocacy. And I just think it’s such an important issue. You know there are 10 billion animals killed every year for food in inhumane ways. The number is so huge to me and we’d all be so much better off if we didn’t eat that and didn’t treat animals in that way. I think people just need to know more about it. It’s amazing to me how many people who’ve become aware of the situation start to eat less meat, less dairy and are starting to become vegan or vegetarian.

P: Exactly! It’s all about small steps. You don’t have to become a vegetarian tomorrow, but if everyone just took as many steps forward as they could the world would be such a better place.

ED: Right. It would make a huge difference! To have people give up one day a week of meat or if they could give up one meal of meat and dairy that would really change things. So I think just educating and advocating is the key here. Even if you believe that animals are there for us to eat, no one can agree with the way animals are treated before they’re killed. And the way they are treated is just not sustainable. People are just eating way too much meat and dairy!

P: You’re preaching to the choir! Well thanks for being here tonight and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

ED: Of course! Thank YOU!

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