Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strike News - AFTRA and AMPTP Reach a Tentative Deal

Just in time for SAG to take the back the negotiating table, AFTRA and AMPTP announce they have reached a tentative agreement for a new 3 year deal. This should put strong pressure on SAG to also reach an agreement, thereby averting a costly protracted strike entirely.

EW Article on the Tentative Deal
AFTRA statement on the Deal
AMPTP statement on their home page
SAG reaction to the Deal

Bones Season 4 Spoiler - Birimbau

Here's another spoiler-y tidbit for Bones Season 4:

Breaking Bones:
Angela's long lost husband, claiming he's still in love with her, will refuse to sign divorce papers next Fall. A pathetic brawl between he and Hodgins -- which Sweets tries to participate in -- will ensue.

Until I decide a different way, just highlight the space to read the spoiler. Or click here.

Sometimes you have to ask...

Sometimes you really have to wonder if a reviewer even watched what they're reviewing. Take this review of "The Pain in the Heart", for example. I believe this person watched the show, at least this episode, or they found a plot summary online. But I don't believe they watch the show regularly. They get so much completely wrong.

Today I see another review from IGN posted that again sets me off. Some parts are right and some aren't. The one thing that really irritates me is the critique of "The Verdict in the Story". In many ways that was one of the biggest relational episodes ever yet this writer pans it as slow and having "nearly no interesting relational controversies." Say what? Having Brennan sit on the other side, across from everyone she works with, at her Father's murder trial has almost no relational controversies? Not to mention Brennan neatly cornering Booth and forcing him to incriminate her from the witness stand. How heartbreaking was that scene? "That's a lot of heart, Bones." Just because it didn't involve Sweets or a fresh dead body doesn't negate the relational controversies.


King of the Lab - Trivia winner

Our first competitive 'King of the Lab' trophy goes to Addhole for correctly answering the heavy trivia question:

One of the actors/actresses playing a murderer in an episode is actually related to David Boreanaz. Can you tell me the episode and the name of the person?


ADDhole said...

Season 2, Episode 15 - "Bodies in the Book." One of three murderers - "Hank Belden," the assistant to the murdered Publicist. The actor is Jonathan Slavin who is David's brother-in-law, married to David's sister, Bo.

And now I'm challenged to keep the bar high for the future!
Not to forget the previous winner, he modified the graphic (borrowed from Tracicons - I love your work!) as an homage to Zack Addy:

Bones Season 4 Spoiler - Zack's 'Replacement'

Matt Mittovich at TVGuide has a bit of a spoiler about how they will attempt to replace Zack Addy in the lab.

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