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Emily Deschanel and Emmy Talk - LA Times

In an article titled "Lady Detectives: Can they handcuff the Emmys?" the LA Times examines female roles in procedural dramas. You can jump straight to what they say about Emily Deschanel here, but page 1 is worth a read too.

Lets hope both Emily and David Boreanaz (and the rest of the cast and show!) get some love come Emmy time. They deserve it!

Here's a copy of her page. I don't understand why they only give the TNT air information though. Hello? Fox show?

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Show: "Bones" (10 p.m. Tuesdays on TNT)

Back story: Dr. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. The FBI's Homicide Investigations Unit calls her in to look for clues in a victim's bones when the body is in such rough shape that the agency can't identify it without help.

Time in the trenches: Three seasons

Closet skeleton: A skeleton, of course. The show isn't called "Shoes."

Glam factor: Favors such eye-catching accessories as chunky jewelry and cleavage

Personal life: Sexual tension with hunky Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz).

Why perps should be afraid of her: "I don't think people realize there's a field called forensic anthropology, so perps think they can get away with crimes they can't," Deschanel says. "They don't realize that a skeleton can give us clues about how a person lived and how they were killed."

Strike News - SAG might try to scuttle AFTRA's deal with the AMPTP

It could get ugly between SAG, AFTRA and AMPTP. The Hollywood Reporter has an article out today highlighting a possible strategy by SAG to block AFTRA's ratification of the tentative deal, which is set to go down this weekend. Thousands of actors are members of both actor's guilds and if SAG tells them to vote against the AFTRA deal and they listen it could conceivably block the ratification (which requires only a simple majority). We should see this weekend if it really goes down like that.

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Fox Changes Premier Dates - Bones Season 4 to start September 3rd, 2008

TVSquad has given us a list of the revised Fall 2008 Premier dates and Bones is on it. Instead of August 27th the Bones premier will now be on September 3rd, 2008. Remember that it's a 2 hour premier and is to be set in London. Should be a great show!

Matt Mitovich also touches on this in his blog today. In case you didn't know, he has taken Ausiello's place at as the Scoopy Smurf has now moved over to EW.

Comprehensive Season 4 information can be found here.

The Evolution of Booth and Bones...


I was going to reply in a comment but as it got longer and longer I realized it deserved it's own post. For those who don't know what in the world I'm talking about, you can read the comment here.

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Basically, what Cupcake has suggested is that I do a separate blog on Booth/Brennan and their relationship. I already have a 2nd blog and 3 is too many so that is out. However, while I don't do that exactly you're right that I do kind of address their relationship in every single review (it IS after all my favorite part of the show) but I should do it separately too... I have always intended to do separate posts strictly about their relationship, possibly by Season, but been heavily distracted by all the other things to post. I was also waiting until I finished the reviews but I pour so much into them that it may be awhile. When season 3 comes out on DVD my husband and I are going to sit down and watch every single episode: from the Pilot to Pain. Doing that will give me a great A-to-now run through I can articulate.

I wish I'd started this blog at the start of the show but unfortunately I had different focuses then and barely watched TV at all. I'm playing catchup on reviews and such. I have the "Master List of Bones Episodes and Reviews"...maybe you'll see something like a Booth and Bones master list appear before the next season starts where I can catalog their evolution together. Keep your eyes peeled!

Strike News - AMPTP, SAG, AFTRA

Just a basic update on the (possibly) impending actor's strike:

No news AFTRA has released no new details on their tentative agreement with the AMPTP and the only thing we hear out of SAG and the AMPTP is the daily 'we're still chatting' release.


The possible affect on Bones Season 4 remains to be seen. Hopefully all parties will resolve their differences and avert a shutdown like we saw last year with the Writer's Strike. We need a full Season here!

Previous Posts on the Strike

Bones Icons

I've posted about Tracicons before, but there's a different link over at that houses multiple albums of icons. Between Traci and B-B you can find hundreds of options, covering pretty much anything you could possibly want in a Bones Icon!.

Beyond-Bickering Icons

Highlights from the BB set (Yes, I'm totally a Booth/Bones sucker, can't you tell!):

Fun on Café Press - Bones and David Boreanaz designs

I don't play on Café Press often, and here's why: I find too many interesting things and wow where'd the time go? Searching a little Bones, David Boreanaz and the related I found some fun designs.

Booth and Brennan Teddy Bear
T-Shirt: One of Booth's Squints
T-Shirt: I love Bones
T-Shirt: I'm very smart, though it has nothing to do with...
T-Shirt: BoothBrennan: Made for each other. Down to the Bone.
T-Shirt: Bones for President (Though I'd have preferred "Vote for Bones" in Pedro style myself.)
T-Shirt: Everything I need to know I learned from Bones...(bag too)

I can't decide which is my favorite! None are mine by the way. I write. Graphic design just frustrates me.

P.S. I feel dirty now. I searched "Vote for Bones" and I got this instead. Eww.

P.P.S. I'm enjoying this too much. I just found more!
T-shirt: I heart Booth
Boxers: Knight in Shining FBI Standard Issue Body Armor
T-Shirt/Mug/Bag: Coffee. That's our relationship?
T-Shirt: I've done my Googling
T-Shirt: I want World Peace...And Seeley Booth shirtless!
T-Shirt: Gonna need a flashier tie.
T-Shirt/Bag: I miss normal people

As much as I like Booth I'm going to have to say that these 2 are my favorites:

and then
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