Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nominate Bones in the Categories the Emmys should have

Amy over at Zap2It has posted her own Emmy nominations categories. You have until next Tuesday to email her and get Bones on her lists. Remember that any press for Bones is good! Besides, she really came up with some fun categories. You have to email it to her for it to count but if you do please post here any categories where you gave Bones a nod and why, if it's interesting.

1. If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right or Best Villain

2. My DVR Won’t Ever Let You Go or Best New Character on either a new or returning series

3. You Never Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone or Best Cancelled Show

4. I Think I Need a New Watercooler or Show You are Sick of People Talking About

5. Hey It’s That Guy/Girl or Best Guest Star

6. Wait This Isn’t a Dream Sequence or Worst plot twist

7. Anyone Need the Rest of My Seat, I’m Only Using the Edge or Best Plot Twist

8. I Know You’re Fictional But Will You Marry Me Anyway Or Hottest Actor/ Actress

9. Is It Next Season Yet Or Most Anticipated Return/Most Missed Show

10. You Had My DVR at Hello or Best New Show

11. You Bring the Skis, I'll Bring the Shark or Most Deteriorating Show

12. Where’s The Kleenex or Most Heartbreaking Moment

13. Where Is The Love? or Show Amy Never Talks About

14. You Were Worth Waiting For or Best Return from the Writers Strike

15. You Were Not Worth Waiting For or Worst Return from the Writers Strike

David Boreanaz - Cool Dad

David Boreanaz is on Babble Magazine's list of the 50 coolest Celebrity Dads.

41. David Boreanaz
Because he made the transition from 500-year-old vampire-with-a-soul to onscreen cop and doting father without losing an ounce of broodiness.

David Boreanaz and his son Jaden at an NHL game on June 2nd

Pardon the Interruption: A brief announcement

Over the next couple of days I will have a couple of announcements: some are mundane, some are very cool.

First - My name isn't Evi. It's Wendy. Hi!

When I started this blog I started it entirely for me. I love Bones and I have a scholarly interest in information. But there wasn't a single site out there with a good clean format that was also frequently updated and basically had all the information about the show and the cast you could possibly want. Forums give you great info but the format is sometimes hard to navigate in a logical fashion. Many blogs are easily navigable but they aren't often updated or they have annoying formats. So...I started my own.

I didn't think anyone would actually read it though.

So I chose an alias, comfortable in my anonymity in my little quiet corner of the internet. But, in come you guys and gals: all you wonderful readers that have been stopping by. Many of you just browse. Some of you leave thoughtful, intelligent, or simply sweet comments. All of you make me happy that I can provide a great service and portal for Bones.

More announcements will be coming soon and it will make a bit more sense as to why I'd rather you know my real name, even if it's just so you can make fun of me better!

David Boreanaz - Interview Clip from Monte Carlo

If you'd like to see a short clip of David Boreanaz interviewed on the carpet in Monte Carlo you can watch a multi-star video here. It's entirely in French, outside the star replies. Many other stars also on the clip, including Becky Newton of Ugly Betty, Naveen Andrews of LOST and Lisa Edelstein of House.

There are a few quick tidbits, nothing spoiler like, concerning the Bones Season 4 Premier, Yanks in the UK, that will start filming this weekend.

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