Friday, June 13, 2008

Next Announcement: Bones Podcasts

Very soon, hopefully within a week, you'll have a new way to get Bones news, chat and cast information. Willgirl, admin of the forum The ABY, and I are teaming up to bring you Bones podcasts. They won't be a boring list of posts and headlines. They will be fun, interactive chats about this show we all love. We're both writers so we're both intensely curious and should have an interesting and entertaining bent to our podcasts. We hope you enjoy them!

Part of the podcast will be a Q&A. If you have any questions regarding the show, the cast, or us that you'd like to submit you can email

Emily Deschanel and her Vegan Cheese

The Living Without Meat blog has a blurb about Emily Deschanel's recommendation for the best Vegan cheese: Dr. Cow. You can read all about the vegan encounter here and the cheese here.

Excerpt from the blog entry:

“Emily Deschanel just came up to me and started talking about cheese!!!!” said a very excited friend to me while we were volunteering at the Farm Sanctuary Gala in May.

The Dr. Cow website is very cute (the images in this post are from it) and well-done artistically but is terrible if you actually want to read anything. Form over function does have it's limits. But to those of you who go Vegan, enjoy!

Strike News - SAG Deal unlikely

Variety has a good in-depth article about the latest SAG news. It doesn't look good. No strike has been confirmed but it looks more and more likely. SAG still wants the AFTRA deal to go away as well, basically because it's a bad deal. If the AFTRA deal is killed they could both negotiate for a better deal but it puts SAG in a tough position if AFTRA has accepted terms they don't like.

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