Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Latest Strike News: Releases from the Big 3

AMPTP has a very lengthy statement on it's homepage dated June 12th which concerns irritation at SAG for saying so far before the contract-end date that a deal was unlikely to be met, as well as many details on their positions and dealings with other groups this past year.

SAG has a statement of unity concerning their negotiations and what they want to get out of them.

AFTRA is pushing hard for it's members to ratify the AMPTP agreement. You can read a factsheet here.

SAG Strike: Some possible results

Matt Mitovich has a list of possible consequences to various TV mediums if SAG does strike. You can read the entire blog entry here. Depending on the length of the strike (if it happens) we may see a small effect on a show like Bones, which will already have 6 shows completed. That gives them weekly fare until well into October.


Network shows by and large resumed production not long after wrapping the WGA strike-shortened season, and thus will have at least a few episodes in the can.

Cable series would cut their seasons short (if already underway) or push back season premieres dates.

AFTRA-only shows such as 'Til Death, Rules of Engagement and Reaper would be unaffected.

Late-night TV, as it did during the WGA walkout, would need to seek out more non-actor guests.

Bones Rerun wins it's slot, again!

Bones rerun pulled a ratings win again last night.

Time Net Show Viewers Live+SD (Millons) 18-49 R

8:00 FOX Bones (repeat) 7.02 2.1/7

ABC The Bachelorette: DeAnna Tells 5.91 1.8/6

CBS The Big Bang Theory (repeat) 5.58 1.9/6

NBC American Gladiators 5.15 1.8/6

CW Gossip Girl (repeat) 1.24 0.5/2

Keep going strong! I know I watched the rerun! The Soccer Mom in the Minivan is one of those episodes I forget about liking but thoroughly enjoy in the end. Caroline and Max are BOTH in it and then you have a drunk Booth grinning at Brennan at the end...good stuff.


Podcast: The Writer's in the Bonecast, Episode 1

We have liftoff! You can now listen to our inaugural episode for the new Bones Podcast, 'The Writers in the Bonecast' (Bonecast for short). We really hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing from you! Please email bonecastwriters@gmail.com to comment, criticize, submit a question or just let us know you were listening. We'd love to get some feedback. We plan to make this a weekly offering in addition to all the posts you see here. Blog content won't suffer at all. I promise!

If you'd like to download the podcast, subscribe to the feed and more please visit our Podbean page here.

Matt Mitovich talks a bit of Bones

Matt's latest MegaMinute has a bit of a Bones mention concerning the Season 4 Premier Yanks in the U.K., including who will play the British versions of Booth and Bones.

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