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Another set of images from London Bones filming has a gallery up with different images from London, sadly heavily watermarked. Click here to view.

View much more London information HERE

Another fan photostream...

These pictures are from a greater distance so I'm not going to upload them directly to the blog. But you can see another set of pictures of the Bones filming from a flickr photostream here.

Okay I had to go ahead and upload one. It's just a great shot of everything going on and very clear, even if it is from a bit of a distance.

More Pictures of Bones Filming in London

Thanks to a helpful and oh-so-lucky OWB reader we have a few more pictures to show you!

Lucy Drew said...

Hello! I also stumbled across the filming y'day as i was out in London for my birthday. i got to meet emily and david , they were so nice and let me get a photo and autograph. They wished me Happy Birthday which was really nice! I'll try adding a link to some of the photos.'

I left off the mildly spoilerish photo, which you can see here.

To see many more pictures from Bones filming in London, click here

Bones Filming in London: Video

This video is completely different. It's a very quiet compilation of clips showing the filming for Bones in London. You can see Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, and even Hart Hanson mulling about.

View great Black and White Photographs of the filming here
See another fan's blog entry here

Bones Filming in London: Images set to music

An industrious fan has taken the black and white images of Bones filming in London I posted earlier and set them to music.

(video removed)

View the images here
See another fan's blog entry here


I've removed the video after a commenter highlighted the photographer's objection to the video. Possibly due to credit issues as it appears that the video maker gives zero credit to the actual photographer. It's not known for sure because the comments of objection have been removed at youtube, apparently. You can see the photographer's Flicker page here, and my post of the pictures here.

More from Banff: Hart Hanson on how he broke into the business

Blogcritics has another post about various showrunners/producers/writers sharing how they broke into the business.

Hart Hanson - Bones

That’s a quote from Bones creator Hart Hanson, who was studying creative writing at the University of British Columbia when he and his girlfriend – now wife – discovered they were expecting a baby. He’d meant to become a novelist after his rock god aspirations didn’t pay off (“I'm a really crappy guitar player”), but had been forced to pick two other fields of study. One happened to be screenwriting.

Suddenly desperate to support a family and aware that writing the Great Canadian Novel wasn’t the quick road to riches (but screenwriting is?), he started faxing pitches to the long-running Vancouver-based The Beachcombers. After the 15th fax, the executive producer relented, inviting him for a meeting.

He doesn’t recommend that approach to aspiring writers, and not just because of the near-obsolescence of fax machines. However, it led to work on that half hour dramedy as well as a wide range of popular Canadian series, including family drama Road to Avonlea and Traders, the series he helped create with fellow Canuck-gone-Hollywood David Shore about the "scintillating and exciting" world of investment banking. “Researching it, I thought I’d developed narcolepsy,” he quipped.

Hollywood beckoned based on his Ally McBeal spec script, since “none of my Canadian scripts mattered a bit,” Hanson found himself on Cupid and forever pigeonholed in the U.S. as a light dramedy writer ("because I didn't write a Homicide spec").

Does this mean he'd be sympathetic and willing to listen if I barraged him with my own specs? =) Somehow, I'm not so sure it would.

Bones filming in London: Another Fan's View

Here at this blog entry you can see a couple more pictures (lesser quality) and some spoiler information for the Season 4 Premier of Bones.

Many beautiful black and white photos of the same day of filming can be seen on another post here.

David Boreanaz-Emily Deschanel: Behind the Scenes in London filming Bones Season 4 Premier 'Yanks in the U.K.'

A lucky British fan stumbled upon outdoor filming in London for the Bones Season 4 Premier, Yanks in the U.K. and took a bevy of beautiful black and white pictures to share with the world!

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The last image is of guest actor Michael Brandon.

Here's some of the author's commentary from the flickr photostream. You can view it here. The only picture I did not include is one of the body crime scene, as it could be considered a spoiler. Beware of that if you go to the stream.

Part of the Commentary:
I went to meet someone near the South Bank Centre for coffee this evening, and we happened up this taking place. We were looking at the set and trying to figure out if we recognised anyone. Then, I did.

Last week, I heard a rumour that they were filming the 4th season of Bones in London, and that filming would start in July. Clearly it's already happening! I'm a fan of the show, so I got a real kick out of seeing all this going on in my own backyard. I couldn't believe that I was in the right place, at the right time with my camera.

Final Announcement

A final announcement to top off this string of goodies in the last week...Friday yours truly will be a guest blogger over at Searchingbones. They are having a charity blog-off and I will be donating a handful of posts that day. Please check them out! I'll post the specific post links here as they go up that day. Hope you enjoy.

I've been spending a lot of time working on that and 2 episode scripts (as well as the podcast and...) but more of my episode reviews should be appearing soon. I have the notes done for the next one, A Boy in the Tree, and should have it up soon!

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