Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bones in London/Oxford: Pictures and Information so Far

Over the last week there have been a lot of posts concerning the Bones filming in London, David Boreanaz sightings, etc. So here's a comprehensive list of the posts and photos/videos if you're just now looking.

Fox Press release, giving shooting locations and more HERE

Wonderful black and white photos of filming from a fan HERE
Lucy's first-hand account with great, up-close pictures HERE
Mr. Paparazzi video of the cast and filming HERE
Another Flickr Photostream of the shooting HERE
Gallery of images (watermarked) HERE
Fan blog of the scene HERE
Couple of Random Pictures HERE
June 24th Images (2 - Bank of England??) HERE
Greenwich Images HERE
Additional Images HERE
More Greenwich Images HERE
Emiana's UK Location Photos HERE
A Morris dancer meets an Angel (his words) HERE
A Journo chats with David Boreanaz (no pictures) HERE
1 Picture of David Boreanaz on location HERE
Bones in London promo HERE

Bones in Oxford on Friday 6-27
Bones in Oxford, pictures HERE

Cast sightings:
David Boreanaz jogging in London HERE and HERE
David Boreanaz and family HERE

Hart Hanson at Banff has a great article detailing Hart Hanson's time at Banff. There are many great bits of information, like:

~David Boreanaz wasn't supposed to be a full series star. ... WHAT? Wow, no clue there. I'm really glad they didn't stick to that plan!
~Bones was the 5th Pilot Hart pitched

And much more.

Bones Casting News: Season 4

Matt Mitovich has a bit of casting news for Season 4. Someone's gotta (try to) fill the hole left by Zack and here is one face you will see.

I don't know about all of you, but I love Michael Badalucco! Every time I see his face I see him screaming "I'm George Nelson, and I'm feeling ten feet tall!"

And then I still feel bad for laughing at the cows...

Question for you guys: Plot Recaps

Where do you read episode plot recaps? I'm not talking reviews, just straight-up plot lines. I pretty much make my own notes for every episode so I can form my reviews and I honestly don't read the recaps. I assumed (yeah, we know what assuming does!) that the Fox recaps were sufficient but as I read them I find they are often mistake-ridden at best and other times completely wrong, as if they were based off an early script draft and never corrected. Is there a great site out there for pure recaps? If not, is it something you'd be interesting in seeing here as a companion to the reviews?

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