Friday, June 27, 2008

Bones in London: Blogger's Lucky Day

A lucky blogger happened upon Bones filming in London a couple of days ago. This is the same location I posted about here, in Greenwich, but they have a couple of different pictures, some great commentary and a very, very brief video. Visit the blog here and see the commentary and video and then poke around a bit. You'll see some fantastic pictures and funny posts!

I must say it's still kinda sad to see people who don't even know the show get so lucky. BUT...hopefully they'll be curious enough to try it out!

Bones filming in Oxford: Pictures here!

David S. emailed me some lovely pictures of Bones filming in Oxford. Enjoy!

Get all your Bones in the UK information HERE

David Boreanaz talks tension with DigitalSpy

David Boreanaz also has a Digitalspy article today. He talks about the sexual tension between the characters being the best aspect of the show. He points out where the show looks for inspiration:

"If you watched Moonlighting in the past, could you remember any case? All you wanted to do was root for them to get into bed"

Full article

Bones in Spain?

Emily Deschanel reveals to DigitalSpy that Bones in London nearly became...Bones in Spain due to financial concerns. That would have made for a very different episode I think! And maybe someday we'll find out how that would play. She adds that she hopes this London trip isn't a one time deal and Spain would be high on her list of other locations.

Full article here.

See Eric Millegan Singing Live

Love to see Eric Millegan singing? Now's your chance! He will be doing cabaret in Arlington, VA on July 24th, 2008 at the Signature Theatre. You can view show information and purchase tickets here

Family Time

Even the hard working Bones stars get a bit of family time. You can see a picture of David Boreanaz and his family around London here.

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