Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tvchitchat Poll: Go vote for Bones!

In addition to the ongoing poll for a Award, you can also visit TVchitchat here to show Bones a little love in their poll asking what show you're mostly looking forward to seeing return this fall. Gogo!

Another Lucky Brit with a Bones encounter

Peter Judge, a Morris dancer, writes on his blog of his brief but oh-so-nice encounter with David Boreanaz on location as Bones continues filming in the UK. Click here to read the story. It's always nice to read about how friendly and charming the stars are to everyone.

And's someone who didn't even know what was going on!

Hart Hanson talks about the Season 4 Premier

DarkUFO has an article about a press conference last week where Hart Hanson talked about the Bones Season 4 Premier, Yanks in the U.K. It contains spoilers about the plot and the case so read at your own risk.

Non spoiler-y excerpt on how they ended up in London:

"We worked out a story that seemed to work only in England. Once the network saw the outline they got on board. I'm shocked because the exchange rate is brutal here for us!"

Latest Strike News

Tomorrow SAG and AFTRA contracts with the AMPTP run out. AFTRA has a tentative deal and SAG has been meeting with the AMPTP every day, even indicating willingness to continue to negotiate past the contract expiration but hope doesn't seem high with a strike looking more likely each day.

Within a few days the results of a member vote on the tentative AFTRA contract should be revealed. Leading up to that, SAG and AFTRA are still at odds and big name members of AFTRA are chosing sides and pushing either 'Vote Yes' or 'Vote No' agendas for the contract ratification.

SAG - news releases
AMPTP - no news since June 12th
AFTRA - pushing Yes votes

A great article outlining all the twists and turns related to the situation can be read here.
Another article, from Variety, discussing the talks.

Bones Promo Reggae Song

This isn't new per se, but I don't remember being able to find this complete level of information, including a place you could access the track, last time I checked.

Awhile ago I mentioned a promo being played, advertising the Bones Season 3 reruns over the summer. The music playing isn't something you'd normally associate with Bones. It's a heavy thumping reggae beat. If you happen to be curious about the song (me I'm curious about everything which is why you have so much to read here) I found a place that already did the leg work.

The name of the song is Boom Shot Dis and it was created by 2 guys, Kelly B and Gussy G, who do a lot of production music work. To read the entry I found, go here. To read about the guys themselves you can click here and if you're just interested in hearing the beat you can click here. Warning: It's a bit infectious!

Hart Hanson: Yet another take on Banff

Blogcritics has yet another excellent article on Hart Hanson and his master class at the Banff festival. This one covers some tidbits you've seen and a few you haven't. It's an excellent read and can be found here.


When he was set to work writing the pilot of Bones, he was concerned the studio was expecting a CSI-type show. "They said no, we want your way, meaning soft and squishy. I thought they were lying ... and they were, but not as badly as I thought."

"The bad thing is quite honestly now we're an orphan. We don't belong to anybody. They'd love to replace us if we could just stop having this 9 or 10 million people tune in every week."

- Funny or not Hart, don't even joke about losing viewers!

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