Monday, June 30, 2008 TV Award Poll

The TV Awards voting has been going on for about a week. In case you missed it, Bones is up for "Cast you most want to find your killer." You can vote as many times as you like in the poll and currently Bones has logged over 600,000 votes! We are currently leading with 44% and are 90k ahead of the next competitor. The competition will stay open for awhile though and winners are to be announced 1 month from today. Keep voting!

How many votes do you think Bones will have in the end?

Bones Podcast: Episode 3 unfortunately going to be a delayed a day or two this week while we work out some tech/hosting issues. Lindsey, from ABY, and I will be recording it very shortly though and hope to have it available within a couple of days. We're amazed and grateful for the growing listener crowd and love the feedback!

Remember you can email us at to comment, leave suggestions and feedback, or ask us a question for the Q&A. We're also always open to new fan guests or interviews. Drop us a line!

David Boreanaz: Movie Release

In 2007 David Boreanaz co-starred in a movie that was titled Suffering Man's Charity. It has since been renamed Ghost Writer and seems to finally be heading for DVD this fall. According to the IMDB forums the release date is September 28th and you can view the website here and the trailer here. (Somewhat NSFW warning on that viewing due to imagery.)

King of the Lab - Screencap Trivia

Last week I did a Brennan image...let's see if Booth is any harder!

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