Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bones Podcast: Update

Everything is straightened out now and we hope to have a new Bones podcast out to you tonight! We've already had a great time recording a chat with Lucy, hope you enjoy it!

If you had any problems accessing the old podcasts in the last couple of days, Episode 2 and Episode 1 or at our Podbean page here, everything should be good now. We're humbled and excited by how many of you have tuned in and are happy you're enjoying it!

Remember you can always email us at!

Photoshop savvy and love Bones?

TVaddict is looking for a new banner and it's entirely open to fan submission. So if you have the talents and love of Bones (who here doesn't?) then here's what you need to do to promote this great show!

Simply email an image that measures 713 pixels wide by 248 pixels high [Note: Please keep all images family friendly] and who knows, the next time you visit, the enormous header image staring back at you could be your own.

Bones Stars: Other Work

None of the stars of Bones lack in other work. I'm currently working through some of David Boreanaz's work: Buffy and Angel with my husband, some of the movies on my own. (I just put up I'm with Lucy thoughts on my personal blog.) I'd also really like to see Emily Deschanel's Glory Road. I have seen Tamara Taylor's appearances in both Lost and Serenity but I had no Bones reference at the time so they really didn't register.

What other cast work do you enjoy?

Also, in relation to this, we have a fan question that maybe you guys can help with. Brenna would like to know where Emily appears in both The Alamo and Cold Mountain so she can fast forward to the good parts. I have yet to see either movie. Can you help her out?

Strike News: Monday do-or-die day?

This past Monday, the AMPTP made a 'final' offer to SAG. And next Monday may be decision day. SAG requested a Wednesday meeting but has now asked for an extension, to continue reviewing the offer, and the two sides plan to meet on Monday. The AFTRA vote results on their own ratification are due to be unveiled Tuesday. Early next week we may finally get an answer on the dreaded will-they/won't-they strike question.

Bones in London: One New Picture

This photo of David Boreanaz on location in London was apparently taken about a week ago but only now uploaded to Flickr by my_wheezy.

Lucky Artist Tours the Bones Set

A talented artist recently visited the Bones set and describes the experience here, on Livejournal. This person did a painting of the show Journeyman, which now hangs at the Fox studios. (Fox produced the show even though it aired on NBC.)

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