Friday, July 18, 2008

Bones A to Z

The same Youtube user who uploaded the audition clip of T.J. Thyne also uploaded a couple of clips of him with Cat Deeley. Those clips are actually from early Season 3, when Skyone, the channel that shows Bones in Britain, had Cat help create their fantastic promo site: Bones A-Z. Check it out here. Click on the lettered drawers to see video clips or trivia tidbits. I highly recommend the letter 'B'!

Edit - Here's the 'B' video

T.J. Thyne Movie Casting Audition Video

I stumbled on this blog today. It was just started by the writer of an independant movie named Scribble that is currently gearing up toward production. They held casting sessions last fall but haven't yet cast the movie. As a writer, the blog is fascinating to me just for the insight into getting a movie made in Hollywood, but for the Bones fans, this entry is interesting. Apparently T.J. Thyne is interested in playing the lead so he took a friend and a camera to a key location in the movie and filmed a couple of audition clips. The video is not embeddable, but you can see it here. He did not, unfortunately, get the role. This guy did.


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