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TVGuide's Bones Panel Comic-Con Report

TVGuide has posted a quick bit about the Bones panel at Comic-Con. Unfortunately it's nothing new compared to all the other things we've seen today. You can check it out here. I've heard they will have some videos. Hope to see that soon!

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Brief Fan Blog of the Bones Panel at Comic-Con

This new blog (so far) totally devoted to mobile blogging conventions, has a bit about the Bones panel. Check out the full entry here, but the part I love is:

Among DB's quotable's was the assertion that they should do a Some Like It Hot episode where
Booth needs to dress up in drag, because:

"I would look great in high heels"

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New Poll - The Pain in the Heart has started a new cadre of polls relating to Season Finales in 2008. One in particular deals with Bones. Check it out here to vote on all the major plot points in The Pain in the Heart. Like the other poll that's about to end (and Bones is winning by a huge margin) you can vote multiple times for any choice.

I'm one of the few people OK with the finale, even if objecting to the execution. What do you guys think about the numbers on the Zack question? Does that further show, somewhat like the 3rd poll on the right here on OWB, that detractors scream louder but are smaller in number? Or do you think the poll is being gamed?

TVSquad Write-up of Bones Panel at Comic-Con

Here's a fantastic write-up of the Bones panel at Comic-Con from TVSquad. The writer gives a great perspective on the atmosphere at the panel and some pictures that I have not seen anywhere else. (I love DB's big 'V' entrance.)

And one thing that I really, REALLY love:

They hope to have Heavy D, who was the proprietor of the Chinese restaurant, to be back this season.

I love Sid!

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Comic-Con Bones Cast Images has 2 galleries with all the Getty images. You can see them here and here.

Lynn at Searchingbones also has good images of David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, John Francis Daley and Tamara Taylor Comic-Con.

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Images from Bones at Comic-Con

Getty Images has a selection of shots from Comic-Con, both the panel and the party. You can see the full David Boreanaz array here.

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EW Video with David Boreanaz

First video is out! EW's Whitney Pastorak interviews David Boreanaz at Comic-Con. He's very passionate about Comic-Con and they talk more about that than anything in Part 1! Watch the first part of the video here. and Part 2 here.

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Zap2It's Bones Comic-Con Report

Plenty of outlets attended the Bones panel! Here's another look from Zap2It. It also mentions the spoilers, in a bulleted list after the story. You just can't get away from them! That's the main point of these panels anyway, it seems.

What we do know is that Boreanaz likes outstanding sex. (But hates standing sets, the actual topic and just one thing he humorously misheard.) He plays pranks like making Bones creator Hart Hanson eat ridiculously spicy food. He uses "I" to mean either himself or his character, Seeley Booth, but never explains who he's talking as. I still don't know whether it's Boreanaz or Booth that had a panic attack on a double-decker bus during the upcoming London-based season premiere.

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EW's Bones Comic-Con report

EW has a report about Bones at Comic-Con you can read here. It also has some spoilers in the last half (with forewarning in the read) but they really are light items, on par with what's been given away by simple promos. It's a fun read, check it out!

After the clip (trust us, there weren't really any spoilers there), the panel got started in earnest with Boreanaz and Hanson explaining that the cast flew to London for the season opener (way to pony up some ducats, Fox!). Boreanaz was all kinds of animated, explaining why he hates double-decker buses (claustrophobic), chickens (all birds, actually), and fish (something to do with his appearance on the Martha Stewart show).

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Happy Birthday Hart Hanson!

Happy Birthday Hart Hanson!

I'm sure he'd prefer the straight-laced picture you can see here (and which I've used before) but hey, it's your birthday. Have some fun!

The man has taken a beating for months and it doesn't seem to be going away. Here's a repost from June of something sent out from Jamie Frevele and myself. This was originally posted on SearchingBones as part of a charity blog-off.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Wendy and Jamie discuss how bad they feel that Bones creator Hart Hanson thinks that the show has a “negative Internet presence” and why we think he needs a hug.

JAMIE: Wendy, that article really upset me, the one on Blogcritics.

WENDY: I know. Hearing bad things about Bones is really not the kind of press I like to see.

JAMIE: It’s like Hart Hanson is the Willie Randolph of Bones. Except the season finale actually had high ratings as opposed to having an historic collapse and he wasn’t fired at 3 AM.

WENDY: Other than that, you’re right - exactly alike.

JAMIE: Don’t sass me, Wendy. But seriously, the whole tone he took - I think he needs a hug.

WENDY: I agree. We can’t help it if we don’t proclaim our love as loudly as the detractors proclaim their hate. Sorrreeeee - if we love the show, we’re going to be grammatically correct, spell check and engage in lively and civilized discussion.

JAMIE: We could change our ways. How about this: OMG i cant beliv he did that 2 zak but i like 2tle respect tha cre8v deciszion that wuz made WOOOOOOOOOOOO booth iz sooooooooo hotttttttt

WENDY: “2tle”?

JAMIE: That was “totally.” I tried.

WENDY: Oh, right. Yeah, I don’t want to do that.

JAMIE: Yeah, me neither.

WENDY: Don’t get me wrong, David Boreanaz is quite attractive.

JAMIE: I concur. Though I honestly think they’re all hot.

WENDY: It’s a good-looking cast. But this Hart thing is bothering me.

JAMIE: It’s wrong that he feels so bad. But I defended him. I said he shoots puppies and laughs, but I still stood up for him.

WENDY: That’s a serious charge to place on a guy.

JAMIE: Yes, but you know what? The point is I understand why he shot my puppy. I was mad about it, but I understood. People just can’t see the bigger picture for Bones - if it stayed the same, why would we keep watching?

WENDY: Absolutely, and it’s not as if he didn’t acknowledge that the Zack storyline was botched. But all that means is that he’ll make sure Season 4 kicks ass.

JAMIE: Right. All is forgiven, Hart.

WENDY: All is forgiven. You did what you thought was best for your show.

JAMIE: Yes, it’s true that we’re both writing our own versions of what we expect you to come up with for next season’s imperative, mandatory, unavoidable, de rigueur explanation for what happened to Zack - a Zacksplanation, if you will. But it’s really just an exercise for the two of us, both aspiring writers, to see how well we can take existing characters and get inside their heads.

WENDY: What did you do, go to for that?

JAMIE: Yeah. I think I used de rigueur corectly, but I could be wrong.

WENDY: Anyway, if our spec scripts mean anything, it’s how much we love your show and the characters you, the writers and the cast created for us, your loving audience.

JAMIE: Exactly. And if you like our stories, even better.

WENDY: And if you don’t like them, we’ll just have to join cannibalistic cults and hide it really, really well for months until we suddenly admit to it.

JAMIE: I live in New York, so that will be easy for me to do.

WENDY: Don’t think it would be hard in Tennessee.

JAMIE: And as for this thing about bad feedback on the cast - WHO exactly is saying that????

WENDY: Yeah, really! David, Emily, Eric, TJ, Michaela, Tamara, Johnnie Frank et al. - consider yourselves all virtually hugged.

JAMIE: Yes. All of you. For real, I am rather small, but I will Hulk Out on anyone who gives any of you trouble. Only I’m pretty uncoordinated, so it’ll have to be in blog form.

WENDY: So, you’ll just Hulk out at your desk. On the computer.

JAMIE: Yeah.

WENDY: That’s really intimidating. Everyone, watch out…

JAMIE: You’re sassing me again, lady.

WENDY: In conclusion, to Hart and the entire cast of Bones, please accept this virtual hug from two devoted fans.

[Lynn: From me too!! :-)]

JAMIE: Two devoted fans with writing skills and forums on which to display them. We promise good press for all of you. Even if you pull another stunt like “Pain in the Heart.”

WENDY and JAMIE: OMG we 2tle llllluuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv u guyz!

A Few Comic-Con Pictures

Kristen from E! has a flickr love. She's got a couple of pictures up of the Bones cast at Comic-Con and then a few are from a fan. I've uploaded Kristen's and linked the fan's pictures.

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

Fan Photos:

Comic-Con Spoilers

Here's a link to a BuddyTV article about some of the Bones Season 4 spoilers that came out of Comic-Con. (Also talked about in Matt's great report below.)

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

Comic-Con Fan Report

Matt from Texas, a HUGE David Boreanaz fan, was at Comic-Con. He emailed me a very long first-hand report. Hopefully we will also have him on the podcast in short order. Enjoy!

You can also hear Matt on our most recent podcast edition. Check it out here.

- there are some light spoilers here for specific scenes in Season 4 but no major story spoilers
- ED was not in attendance. No idea why.

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Your roving fan reporter, signing on and reporting for duty!

Having been to a convention at the SD Convention Center, I knew it would be
a very good idea to get there quite a bit ahead of when the Bones panel was
scheduled, 4:30PM - 5:30PM. On top of getting there early, for any of you
that may go in the future, you get into the session BEFORE the one you
really want to be absolutely sure you get a seat. They don't clear the room
between sessions. Otherwise you're standing in line with 100's of others
that may or may not get in to see Bones. That would be a major bummer.

Fortunately the previous session was "Family Guy" and Seth Green was on the
panel. The guys good at doing voices and has a great sense of humor. I
imagine when he and Mr. B worked together there was some pretty good joking
and practical jokes done between them. But enough of that, I wasn't there
for Family Guy!

First, let me say the Comic-Con is the new location for the San Diego Zoo,
only the animals aren't in enclosures, they're walking around, hundreds of
them. I saw Darth Vader, no Chewbacca though, Imperial Storm Troopers in
black not white, a guy with a foil hat and Yoda riding in his backpack. I
saw people dressed up as Johnny Depp in the pirate outfit, a woman with a
green face, ears like Spock and a black hat with gold trim and a red
feather - leprechaun (sp?). I saw somebody dressed up like a pink octopus.
Also a taco, hot dog and a brief glimpse of someone that looked like, well,
an egg roll. Weird. Everyone was courteous even though it was crowded
beyond belief.

Lots and lots of walking and this place is HUGE! Had to park a block away
and then when we got to the convention center, was directed for check in to
doors C, E, B1, D and C - in that order! In other words, they could use
some organization. Very helpful volunteers all over the place, bless them -
I would have been lost and not found Bones if not for them.

Okay, now to the meat of what your reading for....

Bones was in Ballroom 20 - which seats 4,500 people (I asked, of course!).
Every seat was taken! This was a very, very well attended session. There
were a lot of people that filtered in during the session as the staff let
them in, so I hope most of the people in line got in and found a seat. The
staff monitors the count of people very closely (fire dept. regulations)
and when they get 40 or so that have left, they let 40 or so in. See
comments at start about getting in to session BEFORE the one you really

Okay, who was there? you ask...

TT, HH, DB, BJ, JFD and MC, in that order. When Mr. B came in there was 1)
major applause - filling the room with loud applause and 2) major "squee"'s
from the ladies in the audience. Mr. B raised both hands and from my angle
of view I think he was giving the "V" for victory sign, then I think made a
motion like he was covering his heart, and then dropped to the floor - I
guess saying "he was floored" - he truly was. I saw him land on the floor
and thought WHAT? but he got up right away, smiling ear to ear and sat
down, kind of bowing as he did so.

The rest were introduced as they came in (it was TT first, then HH, then DB)
and then Barry Josephson (sp?) John Francis Daley and then Michaela. The
moderator was one of the woman producers of the show, but sorry, the name
escapes me and didn't make it to my paper - I did write notes, her name
didn't make it though.

Ballroom 20 is a huge place and they had 3 rows of giant screens for people
to watch the preview show (from season 4) and the cast members on the
stage. Without this if you're in the back of the room, the people at the
table and the table itself look pretty small. Your roving reporter wasn't
going to sit at the back and get a good story for you, now was he? So when
Family Guy started clearing out, I moved to the front - got in the front
row, stage left - the cast came on the stage from stage right. Fortunately
they have a good sound system in the room too.

So we sit and wait for the people in the room to find their seats and watch
and listen to announcements. Only 1 question per person that will be
screened before asking; no personal requests of the panel; various other
items for in the room info.

The Bones panel session started with an episode that's for season 4. When
Mr. B appears on the screen there's MAJOR SQUEE'S from the ladies in the
audience - and I think it was much more than 50% - you guys (gals? can I
say that?) can get loud when you want to, huh? Ya'll got some lungs, eh?

Booth appears at Bones' home to pick her up for the new case and she's not
alone. No kidding she's not alone. Her "friend" we learn later is a deep sea
welder, who when Booth sees him is standing there completely naked (neked).
The guy says he'll go put some clothes on - Booth nods and says yep, that'd
be a good idea. Booth looks embarrassed.

As credits roll by during the preview and JFD's name appears - SQUEE's from
the audience --- ladies, you doing a lung check again? Trust me, they're
still there!

So we finish watching that, wondering when is the reason we came going to
get in the room? Up come the lights and the panel is introduced. I was over
on the side, not taking notes as I was busy talking to security people (in
all I think 6 or 7) but I'll tell you about that later. So I missed the
intro's but watched Mr. B come in, do his "V" and falling on floor thing,
heard the squee's for JFD and hey, finally us guys got to clap and squee
ourselves when Michaela was introduced. Shamefully though, guys, we didn't
have one up on the ladies this time - either their representation was more
than guys or their lungs were working better this afternoon!

HH: Bones and Booth will be in bed together "neked" then somebody said
"under the sheets" (I think it was Mr. B). They didn't want to be too clear
on that point so they started us off with a tease.

HH says Mr. B took him to an Indian restaurant, it was spicy and Mr. B
started signing "ring of fire" - the moderator and HH reminded him there
are kids in the room. Mr. B brought his mike closer and said they had to
come with an adult, right? They should be able to hear me cuss! Seriously
though, he kept it clean. For the most part. :)

Okay, HH got to the point about Zack himself, to get it out of the way. He
said something about the way the season ender was filmed after coming back
from the strike didn't let them do things the way they really wanted and it
led to the loss of a much beloved cast member - he read that somewhere on
the Internet. HH says Zack will be back. Much applause... then HH says
don't worry about Eric, he's doing fine and he hopes they'll have him back
to play Zack! Funny noise from the assembled torch, pitchfork and sword
carriers in the crowd - loud - and then Mr. B says "I'll play Zack!" to
which HH responded we'll have Eric play Zack. So Eric will be back for at
least a few shows. Thank you Mr. H!

The subject of how many shows do you have in the can came up. HH said
they've shot 4, plus the season 4 opener which is two episodes that they're
finishing now and 2 more to shoot, so if you follow that they'll have 6 or
8, depending on how you count. (maybe this is the year that Fox will order
24-26 or 28 like they wanted to last year - keep fingers crossed!)

HH talked about shooting scenes at Oxford - DB says "BORING!" several times.
HH says more about going from a beautiful building where they shot the day
before to Oxford and the architecture, blah blah. DB snores into
microphone, looking like he almost hit his head! DB says stuff about not
liking Oxford, but he did like the gun he got to use (cited specific name
and model, sorry, didn't get in notes - he was talking fast) and that he
(as Booth) can't get a good cup of coffee, Barry J reminded him about
having problems driving the car (a mini, and DB's kind of a big guy - long
legs and a mini just doesn't quite fit!). DB also said at one point he's
trying to drive and Bones is yapping in his ear, and just won't quit, and
the driving on the wrong side of the road thing... all very frustrating for
our poor Booth. Mr. B said he was in London, doing his job, while he rest
of the squints were back at home "ON BREAK!" but he was in London, doing
his JOB. (I get the idea he really would've like to have been on break

HH says they're going to catch the grave digger, or at least go after him
(note, they're referring to the grave digger as 'him'). DB talked about his
part in the episode about the grave digger, that he remembered they were
all looking for Hodgins and Bones, looking, looking, looking, did the
running, pulled her out of the dirt, almost kissed - "it was a beautiful
moment" and he laughed. (I think if it had been up to Mr. B they would've
kissed in that episode - it fit the scene).

Then the subject of Booth's family was brought up, HH said were going to get
to see Booth's family. Mr. B chimes in and says Booth's family is in
London... (I think to get back at HH).

Talk went to how the show came to be a two lead show instead of having Bones
as the lead with two male characters that Bones would be around a lot, one
would be 13-14 shows or so and that one would be the one she was closer to.
Mr. B said there was another actress that they really liked, but when Emily
came in she challenged the character of Booth and it really impressed
people, and that's a big part of why she got the part - that she had a
strength within to challenge the character of Booth.

HH launched into a discussion about Barry Josephson not liking David when
the show was being cast. He did not go into why. Someone said they like
each other well enough now - Barry wears the same kind of socks Mr. B does
now - and Mr. B jumps up, puts his shoe on the table, lifting his pants leg
to show off his socks - green and yellow stripes. Barry didn't jump up to
show his however.

Mr. B sits down and says they need more water at the table. (there was a
water pitcher next to Mr. B and it was empty) Someone from staff brought
water bottles and set one next to Mr. B - who started making motions with
his hands like he was casting a spell on it - HH remarked "he's got
power!" - more motions of the hands by Mr. B and he tipped over the water!
Fortunately the top was still on!

JFD started to show off his socks - Mr. B says "what's so interesting about
white socks?" JFD says we'll go in to that over the course of several shows
this season! (this should be interesting, Sweets bickering with Booth about
white socks or socks with character... I can't wait!)

Then the session was opened to questions from the audience. The lights aimed
at the panel must be very bright because HH, DB and others tried to shield
their eyes so they could see out into the audience. Must not have worked -
they gave up.

?: What is your biggest peeve about other members of the cast? The moderator
said "David will *not* be allowed to answer this one!"

TT says none, good to work with everybody.

JFD says "everything" then says they're all nice, easy to work with.

MC - nice to work with, everybody's on time (at which point she looked at
Mr. B - probably meaning he's talked with her good naturedly about it as
I've read he's very big on being on time) - Michaela continues that
everybody's really professional.

Then the moderator says, David?...

So Mr. B says "alrighty then!" (note: a friend's son says this all the
time - it's our code phrase with each other and really made me laugh) Mr. B
says "wellllll..." Mr. B says John's breath really stinks and it's really
pissing him off! MC - smiles too much, show some anger some time, get
pissed off once in a while, destroy your trailer - at least once! Mr. B
looks towards TT - simply says "YOU!!!" with a big grin on his face.

? to JFD: Which set do you like working on best, Freaks and Geeks or Bones?
JFD thinks about it, casting an eye HH's direction, smiles and says "Bones,
this is Bones." Then he said it's about 50-50. Looks at HH again, says
"49-51?" to HH.

? to MC: Will your dad be back on the show? She said she hopes so, he's a
lovely guy, maybe they'll have him teach them guitar at some point.

? to HH and/or DB: When Bones and Booth finally "hook up" how will you keep
it interesting? Lots of laughs on this one, HH says there's a lot in that
question. Mr. B says it's funny - after three years they're together in
every way except they haven't consummated the relationship yet (keeping in
mind the kids in the audience, no doubt) - says there can be a lot of role
play that could occur, suggested something similar to "Some Like It Hot" -
then suggested they could do the role play dressed as women! Mr. B says
"I'd look GREAT in high heels!"

? to general: What about Sid's from season 1? Mr. B says he loved it, he
thinks we're going to have a bar for Booth to go to. HH chimes in and says
it's really a boring story, that they had to give up one set to use
another - they wanted the diner and a particular street set on the
production lot. HH says they're hoping to have characters come back like
Goodman and Sid.

Barry J says they wanted to use the diner set.

Mr. B chimes in that Booth needs a bar to get any action on the show. He
can't get picked up in a diner so he needs a bar!

HH says Mr. B doesn't like standing sets.

Mr. B thought he said "David doesn't like outstanding sex!" WHAT?

HH says no, standing sets, David likes changes, not the same sets all the
time, stuff like that.

? to everyone: How do you like working with the bugs, slime and bones on the
show? Michaela takes this one, says they're getting more real all the time,
it's getting really hard to work with it - Mr. B chimes in "you know that
stuff is real now, don't you?" Lots of laughs....

At which point the panel was concluded. Your roving reporter didn't have to
jump up and stop any harping on the season 3 ender as HH took care of that
very close to the start of the panel. (thank you)

Now to why I talked with 6-7 security people. The policy of the company that
puts on Comic-Con has as I've been told a contract with the studio and
talent that there are no "meet and greet" unless there's a specific
autograph session in the program, that no one can meet the panel, blah blah
blah. Well now, those who know me know I don't give up, ever. Persistence
is the only thing that pays. By the end of the panel I jumped up about the
same time as the panel and headed for the same "stage right" where they
were headed, I had to try, right?

Getting to towards the wall I noticed two of the security people I had
talked to previously. They were busy talking with people heading out the
door. I saw one person, maybe two, dart behind the curtain but they had
badges on that weren't like my plain "attendee" badge. I thought - okay,
it's worth a try and a dash. So I changed my direction away from the two
security folks I saw before (they were busy with the door, remember?) and
made a bee line for the curtain opening at the wall. Boldly pushing it
aside, I stepped behind the curtain having no idea what I'd find. The first
person I came up to was Michaela - I'm so embarrassed, I had told her at
Paley that she's my favorite female on the show (yes, this may be
punishable by a fine, but it's how I feel) and here I am, and the first
thing I say to her is "Michaela, where's David?" She's so nice, she just
said "I don't know" and looked back so I looked the same direction she
looked and recognized Mr. B's back from the color of his T-shirt (gray with
a logo or picture - I think he had to turn it inside out maybe to hid the
art work). I waited as he was talking with someone and gave somebody a hug
(yes ladies, I *know* you wish you were in those arms! I can read, can't

After only a few moments Mr. B turned my direction and I offered my hand.
Shaking hands... I then had a conversation with Mr. B that I'm sorry must
remain private - friends know why I was there but I very, very much
appreciate Mr. B taking the time to speak with me again. After a short bit,
I was trying to talk fast as I knew Mr. B was probably in a hurry, a lady
off to the side said "sir, excuse me but we must get him going" or
something like that. I felt ugh! The look on Mr. B's face was he was
enjoying talking to me and I felt like - lady, can't you see he doesn't
want to be shuffled off right now??? Give me a minute, please!!!

Anyway, Mr. B and I shared a few more words, we thanked each other and he
was on his way. I'll re-verify what I've said before, the guy's a
gentleman. I think he does enjoy talking with someone one on one - I could
see it in his face and how he talked with me and the comments he made -
he's a regular guy, no pretense.

I didn't get to offer to buy him a beer - maybe next time!

Well, that's your roving fan reporter's story, and I'm stickin' to it!

I enjoyed it all, thanks to the Bones panel, you folks are a talented and
entertaining bunch!

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