Monday, July 28, 2008

Give a shout-out to David Boreanaz

Matt, the generous fan who gave us this fantastic first-hand account of Bones at Comic-Con, (and will be on this week's podcast discussing it) just sent me a message as well as posted on the official forums that he has it on fairly good authority that David will be reading a specific thread tomorrow on the forums. Now's your chance to go drop him a line, a bit of appreciation, or whatever you wish.

TV Guide Interviews Tamara Taylor @ Comic Con

TV Guide has posted an interview with Tamara Taylor at Comic-Con. They talk many things: Cam finding love, BSG, fans' initial hatred for her and "Does Cam have feelings for Booth?"

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

TVGuide talks to Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson

TVGuide interviews both Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson at Comic-Con. I have to say, the coolest thing about this video is big:

They LOVE fan created videos! Not only that, they are even influenced by them. That's an impressive admission. So keep at it you crafty creators!

They also talk about the kiss for quite awhile, London, and much more. Important tid-bit from this is that they start shooting again August 4th.

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Open Letter to Barry Josephson.

Link to blog entry/video.

King of the Lab - Screencap Trivia

There's plenty going on around here with Comic-Con, but we can't ignore the traditions. Here's a new King of the Lab screencap trivia for you!

For the new people, it's a simple game: be the first to give me the correct episode name in the comments, and you win.

TVWeek Bones Comic-Con Panel Review

TVWeek blog has a rundown of the Bones Comic-Con panel. It's interesting to see all the different takes on the same information. The entry specifically mentions a name to one of the rumored spoilers, while others do not. Check it out, but be warned it is just as spoiler-y as all the others!

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~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mr. Hanson credited the show's initial low profile with helping to maintain its originality.

“We were a little bit under the radar,” he said. “We were the last at every stage. We were the last pilot to be picked up.”

But don't underestimate “Bones.”

“I think the network has confidence in the show. We've always been the anchor of the night,” Mr. Josephson commented.

Get all the goodies on the Bones Comic-Con panel here.

Video of the Bones Panel - one question

Here is one Youtube video from the Bones Comic-Con panel last Friday. It's sadly short but it does capture the moment where Hart Hanson confirms the rumor about where you might find Booth and Brennan together in Season 4. Enjoy!

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