Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eric Millegan Singing Cabaret

Photographer Rich Dutchman has posted some great pictures of Eric Millegan singing cabaret last week in the D.C. area. Check out his blog entry to see many more pictures from the performance.

Psst! Hey, Barry...yeah, you!

Open letter to Barry Josephson, producer of Bones.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Barry,

Inspired a little by a blog comment from Amanda, a lot by a video, and even more by a healthy dash of my own fangirl joy, I feel the need to call on you directly.

First, from all the fans of the show: thank you. Thank for the great show and especially, thank you for being so generous in your praise of the fans. Some of us were a bit disheartened by this article where it seemed the fans were being ignored. It's great to know that you're very much aware of more about your fanbase than just the negative Zack-lash. You made many a fanvid-er happy to know their work is appreciated and even influential.

Second, for me personally, it warms my heart to hear you say you read the blogs. A commenter on this blog has already taken that to heart and left you a message. I hope you see her words. We dedicate a lot of time outside the viewing of Bones to enjoy, discuss, and promote this show we love and it's great to know that it makes an impression across the board.

It's one thing to go do a great show and accept the fans adoration for it, but it's quite another to return the adoration right back to the them. That's impressive and endearing and I'm quite certain you inspired a renewed interest in the "mash-ups," ensuring you will have many more to watch as we enter Season 4.

You're welcome to enjoy this blog any time! Drop a line, read some comments, watch a few "mash-ups" and know your great show will keep us around for many seasons to come.

Blogger, Aspiring Writer & Huge Fan

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Why don't you all drop Mr. Josephson a line in the comments and tell him what you thought of that frank admission, or what you'd like him to know about the show, the fans, etc!

Bones Rerun of The Knight in the Grid - Top 20

The ratings for the week ending 7/27/08 show Bones busting back into the Top 20 Broadcast shows. Congrats Bones!

Bones Season 4 in the U.K.

As most of you know, the Season 4 premier of Bones in the US is set for Wednesday, September 3rd. But so far there has been no news about the premier dates for other areas of the world.

An industrious member of the official forums (and I'm guessing, a Brit!) emailed Skyone, the host of Bones in the U.K. to ask the big hairy question.

The answer was a bit hedgy, but the basic idea is that you can expect to see Bones back on the U.K. sometime in September. No exact date yet given.

Season 3 of Bones ended with Britain 2 weeks behind the US, if I remember correctly, so it seems you guys can look forward to about the same delay. It could be far worse!

Bones Ratings - Player Under Pressure on top

The Monday night Bones rerun of Player Under Pressure scored the top spot in the ratings.


Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 ABC HSM: Get in the Picture 3.58 1.0/3

CBS Big Bang Theory (R ) 5.55 1.7/6

NBC American Gladiators 5.37 1.9/6

FOX Bones (R) 6.29 1.8/6

CW Gossip Girl (R ) 1.20 0.5/2

The NYT TV Decoder blog has a nice mention of the ratings as well.

Brennan - One of the Smartest Characters on TV

EW.com has a photo-essay with the smartest characters on TV and obviously, Bones/Brennan belongs on it! Check out her entry here, along with a cute shoutout to Booth's assistance.

Thanks for the tip, Manda!

More Youtube Clips of the Bones Panel @ Comic-Con

Here are 4 more clips from the Bones panel at Comic-Con. These are longer than some of the others I've posted. Enjoy!

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

Hint hint...we want a full video of the entire panel!

Angela's Sexuality - AfterEllen Article

AfterEllen has a long article about Bones, talking about Angela's sexuality over the 3 (and upcoming) Seasons. Check it out here! (Slight spoiler warning for Season 4.)

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

Youtube Clips of the Bones Panel @ Comic-Con

Here are 3 great clips of the Bones Panel Q&A at Comic-Con.

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

Michaela Conlin talks about the possible return of Roxie...Hear David sing a couple of lines from "I kissed a girl" and much more.

David telling Michaela to be angrier. (As part of his answer to the question about what pet peeves each person has about the other cast members.)

Michaela answering the question as to whether or not they will have her 'dad' back on the show.

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