Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Emily Deschanel and Eric Millegan Singing

Emily Deschanel may have missed Comic-Con (no, I never found out why, sorry!) but I bet she won't miss this one. Emily and Eric Millegan are scheduled to reprise their 2006 appearance at the Hot in Hollywood charity benefit on August 16th. No word on what they will sing but I'm sure it will be a great time. Hopefully they will post a great video.

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Polls: Here and Elsewhere

The long-running TV Awards Poll has now closed. After a great campaign on multiple Bones sites, including here, Bones smashed the competition in the poll to determine the "Cast You'd Want to Find your Killer."

Bones - 65% (2,087,220)
SVU - 27% (864,412)
Pushing Daisies - 8% (242,609)
CSI - 1% (28,688)

Congrats Bones!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Don't forget that has launched a new set of polls, covering Season finales for the recently concluded TV year. Bones has it's own poll, where you can vote on each of the plot points for The Pain in the Heart. Go have your say!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I'm going to take this opportunity to close down a few polls here on this blog.

What did you think of The Pain in the Heart?

A top favorite - 8%
Loved it - 12%
Both loved and hated it - 34%
Hated it - 10%
Saddened by it - 11%
Provoked every emotion - 14%
I still don't know - 6%
Other - 1%

To Pie or not to Pie?

Yes, pie! - 70%

No, never - 10%
If it's sweet, it's mine - 15%
I don't like any sweets - 8%b

What bones can tell you...

For those of you interested in the scientific side of Bones, this article may interest you. It highlights some actual skeletons and what you can tell about the original person based on the marks on the bones. It doesn't mention the Bones TV Show but it's still a very interesting read (with pictures!) if you're into the science which backbones, har har, the show.

TVGuide on Bones and Booth: Family

The latest edition of Matt Mitovich's Mega Buzz has a Bones question, answered my Mickey O'Conner.

I was wondering if Bones is ever going to meet her extended family (e.g. her mother's sisters)? Max told her about them but it was never mentioned after that. — Paula

Visit here for the somewhat spoiler-ish answer.

Bones Podcast: # 7 up now!

Installment #7 of the Bones Podcast, The Writers in the Bonecast, is now up, and it's devoted entirely to Comic-Con. We bring you a great interview with Matt. You can hear his first hand account, as an additional bonus to his great written report, of what it's like to be at CC and all about the Bones panel. We also discuss some of the biggest spoilers to come out of Comic-Con! Enjoy!

Couple of notes:
Spoilers - yeah, if you didn't read the Comic-Con info so you could avoid them then, sadly, you need to avoid the podcast as well. We only deal with CC revealed spoilers though, no additional plots are revealed. Duly warned and it's up to you from there. Sorry! We'll return to our regular spoiler-free format next week.
Audio - Matt graciously recorded the interview with us while he sat in LAX. There are a couple of points where the audio drops. Apologies for that, but we feel the topic is worth the compromise.

Remember that you can visit our Podbean page for more options such as feed subscriptions and downloads and you can drop us an email at to let us know what you think, ask a question, or pick our next debate topic.

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