Sunday, August 3, 2008

Most Attractive Stars on TV

The Australian paper, The Sydney Morning Herald, has an op-ed piece breaking down the most attractive stars on TV. Bones' own David Boreanaz heads the international list! Check out the full article and list here.

Thanks to Lindsey for the tip.

I'm on the Kathy Reichs Bandwagon Now

I came to this show later than many, but I'll proudly proclaim:

I'm a Writer's Strike Bones Fan.

What I'll say a little less proudly: Kathy Rei-who?

I'd never heard of Kathy Reichs until I'd already watched a lot of Bones. I'm an avid reader but I refused to read the books; they might mess up my show info-set! But, alas, a week ago I gave in. I picked up Deja Dead at the local used bookstore and dug in. I started slowly last Monday during my lunch break but then picked up the pace as the week drug on. Thursday night I stayed up late to finish it.

By Friday morning I was cursing that I didn't have Death Du Jour. So, Friday after work I trekked back to the bookstore and managed to find all of the rest of her books, with the exception of Grave Secrets and Bare Bones. I dug into Death Du Jour as soon as I got home.

I finished it Saturday. And then I opened Deadly Decisions. I finished it about an hour ago. You could rightly say I'm hooked. I'm already eying Fatal Voyage but two things, a script final draft I need to finish and knowledge that Grave Secrets, the next installment, won't arrive for at least a week from, keep me in check.

I feel I should point out that my worry of mixing plot lines and characterizations was unfounded. While book and show Brennan share some obvious characteristics and traits, they are very divergent women. I've picked up on a few shared plot lines but overall it's very easy to view them as very different characters.

So, my question is: How many of you are fans of both Bones and Kathy Reichs' books?

The Times Online has a great article, profiling both Kathy Reichs and her newly published novelist daughter, Kerry Reichs. It's a great read!

Got a question for Michaela Conlin?

If you have a question you'd love to ask Michaela Conlin, here's your chance. TheTVAddict is hanging out with Fox stars for interviews and Bones' Michaela Conlin is on the list. Post any questions in the comments of this thread and maybe they will make it to her!

Does your schedule need more David Boreanaz?

Fans of David Boreanaz may well know that his face has graced a yearly calendar for some time now. If this is one of your must-haves, then the time to snag your 2009 David Boreanaz calendar is here! Amazon has released the new version. It's currently out of stock, but you can go ahead and reserve it now. Great picture choice for the cover!

12 Great Pop-Culture Vampires: Hey Angelface!

EW has a list of 12 Great Pop-Culture Vampires and David Boreanaz's Angel is on it. Check out the mention here.

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