Wednesday, August 6, 2008 ranks Vamp Fang Factor

When you're ranking Vampires, you can't leave out Angel. is highlighting sexy Vamps and while I can't disagree with David Boreanaz' Angel being on the list...I think he should have been top!

...Angel, the perpetually brooding, GQ-styled, vampire-cursed-with-a-soul...

Do you agree with David's Fang Factor?

Thanks Kis for the tip.

BuddyTV on Bones at Comic-Con

BuddyTV was the first to highlight the Comic-Con spoilers. Here's a more general look from them about the Bones appearance at Comic-Con. Spoiler warning does still apply.

Entire list of Comic-Con info

Ausiello on Bones Interns

I wouldn't really call this a spoiler, more like a tidbit.

Question: Three Ask Ausiellos and still no Bones scoop! — Katie
And the streak ends there. A casting notice has gone out for Brennan's newest grad student. In addition to being bright and taciturn, the early twentysomething will be sexy in a blue-collar sort of way (see Jack Slattery, not Dan Connor).

David Boreanaz featured in Sky1 Makeover

Sky1, the channel Bones calls home in Britain, is undergoing a marketing makeover and Bones' own David Boreanaz features prominently in it! At this link you can see a few pictures and description, but over at this page you can part of his appearance, as he shoots at one of the Sky logos. If you just care about the video, here you go!

It's nice to know Bones figures so prominently for the channel!

Exclusive Interview with the Bones Writers

Hah, yeah, I wish it was my exclusive! But no, Lynn with SearchingBones/B5 Media gets the honor this Friday! And she's opening up to your questions. She's put up a post where you can either put questions in the comments or email her directly. Let's hope she gets some good scoop!

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