Friday, August 8, 2008

Bones Season 4 Spoiler

Lynn, at SearchingBones, had an exclusive interview with the writers of Bones today. She's still writing up the interview, but she has released one great spoiler.

Now, having read it I'll say this - it could be HUGE or it could be a tease, and in reality turn out to be a simple off-hand comment. But if you like the Booth/Brennan non-couple couple and don't mind a possible tip-off then go, go read it. You will like it! =)

Will you watch Bones this Fall?

With many still smarting over the Zack-lash and The Pain in the Heart, Bones cast and creators must be wondering: will it work? Will people tune in to Bones this fall?

I, for one, will most certainly have my butt parked in front of the TV. I love this show and I wait with bated breath to see how the show will take the controversy and show the fans how great Bones can really be.

How about you? Right now you can head over to and check out their Fall Line-Up vote. The Yes votes are definitely out-pacing the No's right now, but why don't you head over there and have your vote counted.

Thanks to Carolien for the tip!

Bones Podcast Update

If you haven't noticed, we intentionally skipped a week on the Bones podcast. There wasn't much new Bones information to talk about. Additionally, we're revamping our interview questions a bit (who knew that Booth would be so popular and Sully so overwhelmingly unpopular) to increase the content variety. We will be back on schedule next week!

In the meantime, check out some of the old installments on the blog or at the Bonecast podbean page.

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