Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bones Season 3: Release Date for Region 1

We finally have a release date for Bones Season 3 DVDs! Yay! But boo the fact it's not coming out until November!

TVshowsondvd has the release date as November 11th, but even with that said they are not sure if it's an official release date and are careful to say that it's tentative. But, compared with the play.com Region 2 date of December 8th, that makes sense. I definitely wouldn't expect it any earlier. Unfortunately.

Edit: Thanks Trish for giving me the heads up x2 right when I hit submit! =)
Edit2: I can't type! It's the 11th, not the 17th...or maybe I can't read. I don't know!

Original source, for me

Bone bits

These are not Bones show related, but when I'm hunting show news I sometimes come across other fun/interesting things.

Forensic Anthropology gets a shout-out (minor) in a case investigation
Czech Ossuary at Kutna Hora - Macabre, sure, but you can't look away! I especially love the Coat of Arms. Second shot of it on Flicker with many more images in this photostream.

Exclusive Interview with the Bones Writers: Posted!

Lynn at SearchingBones has posted her entire interview with the writers. As a writing nut myself, i found it fascinating. Being a Bones nut works too! Check out Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

One of the questions, about the creative idea process, is kind of like one I asked. Did she use one of yours? Post and let us know!

Schedule Reminder! Bones is on Wednesdays now

I can't believe how close it is to the premier! 3 weeks tomorrow! In prep for that they've gone ahead and moved the Bones reruns to Wednesday night, starting this week. Don't miss it! This week is Baby in the Bough. Such a great episode!

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