Friday, August 15, 2008

Setting Goals: Reviews

Amazon finally delivered my goods earlier this week, giving me the next two books in the Kathy Reichs line (Grave Secrets and Bare Bones). Despite my crazy life right now, I started Grave Secrets and I'm about 1/2 way through. But, I decided that in deference to you wonderful people who love my reviews, I will not start the next book until I finish the next review!

Hmm. Probably going to have to ask my husband to hide the book. And if he agrees to help, expect a review tomorrow. The books are too good to stop.

David Boreanaz: FBI's 100th Anniversary Video

David Boreanaz recorded a short video to mark and celebrate the FBI's 100th anniversary. Check it out here.

Thanks to Kis, via Lindsey!

Bones Season 3 on Amazon

Incase you missed the squealing, the Bones Season 3 DVD set is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $41.99. And it looks like fans are already hurrying over there to put in their names. The DVD set currently ranks #4 on the Bestsellers in Movie and TV and #24 on the Most Wished For.

Are you pre-ordering? Or are you going to buzz into Best Buy or another local store on release date?

Dude, where are my photos?

Gettin' my rant on...

I keep seeing blurbs about new Season photos for House, Prison Break, Terminator, and Fringe...where are the Bones photos? We need to see some new Booth, Bones and crew!

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