Saturday, August 16, 2008

That review thing

Husband didn't help. Turns out I should have asked him to hide the current book as well as the remote. I have DVR and Dish network now and I'm a HUGE Modern Marvels geek. But, yeah...

I got the review more than half finished. I just have to do the Booth/Brennan stuff. I feel completely discomfited though. It's been too long!

PS I did finish the book.

PPS He didn't hide the next one.

Hodgins: I demand another beetle. Jeff's got a groin pull.
Zack: Arthropods do not posses groins. Pay up.


Yanks in the U.K. Episode Stills

Less than 3 weeks to go for the Season 4 Premier of Bones and information continues to slowly trickle out. Here is 1 of the 8 I've seen so far.


Not much different from all the fan photos before. It's odd being so spoiled already on many of the location shots!

Most of them are spoiler-y and the set is located on a registration site. I'll keep looking for a public link and will post it as soon as I find it.

Edit: has hosted 5 of the images.

Edit 2:
Thanks M! This site has all 8. (It shows 9 but 2 are identical.)

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