Monday, August 18, 2008

Bones in TV Guide

Blog reader Angela just sent me a tip that Bones has a 2 page spread in the August 25-31 issue of TV Guide. I guess I know what I'll be looking at next time in the checkout isle!

No, I haven't seen a scan. (yet)

Emily Deschanel: Story of meeting her at HiH

A Bones fan and Livejournal user has posted a story of meeting Emily Deschanel in person at Hot in Hollywood this past weekend. Very nice meeting!

King of the Lab - Trivia

I know at least one episode that fits the bill, but admittedly there might be more than 1. Let's find out!

There is a scene where Booth is with Cam and he's playing with a poker chip. Can you name the episode?
If it's not the one I'm aware of, I may ask for proof! That, or I may delay granting the award until I can check it out myself. Post away. First correct commenter will win. (As always, if posting as anon, leave a name, an initial, or a symbol...something, so you can get credit.)

Emily Deschanel as Cher

Emily Deschanel and Eric Millegan chose Sony and Cher's "I Got You Babe" for their charity song at Hot in Hollywood this year. Here is Emily in her lovely wig, on stage.

We need Eric in his own gear, and a video!

Accompanying tidbits:

The BonesBabe Stars Emily Deschanel and Eric Millegan have both sung on episodes of their Fox crime drama, but their duet of Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe amazed, as Deschanel did her best Cher impression in a long black wig.

Bones. Millegan's fate was left up in the air in the season finale as his character, Zach, was revealed to have helped a killer. "I was totally shocked!" Deschanel said, adding that the strike-shortened season cheated the story line. "We are definitely addressing Zach, and he's coming back and helping us with cases. There are some big insights into what happened there. The fans will not be disappointed."
Source - Thanks Lindsey

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