Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fox Picture: David Boreanaz

Check out this picture of David Boreanaz. Nice!

Yanks in the U.K. Spoiler Clip

E!Online has a spoiler clip for Yanks in the U.K.! It's definitely a spoiler and definitely fantastic.

So, before I leave work I check forums, I check a few sites...nada. I get home, and I have an email with a tip! You are all so on top of things =) Thanks, Jeannie.

Bones Season 4 Premier Press Release

Futoncritic has the press release for the Bones Season 4 Premier.

Edit: Adding a spoiler warning. It's subjective on how much of a spoiler it is but I'm unfortunately over-exposed and therefore likely to rate it too low. Sorry Jeannie!

Speaking of Interactive Content....

Holly, one of your fellow readers, is saving my bacon on that front. (Seeing that I still haven't declared a KotL winner this week...) She created this fantastic Bones-themed crossword puzzle.

Work it out together in the comments or post all your answers at once, whatever you wish!

500th post!!!

Whew! I started this blog at the end of April and here we are, less than 4 months later...with 500 posts!

I just want to take this post to give a big Thank You. Thank you to all of you who visit. Thank you to those who comment, those who encourage, and those who provide links and tips.

I started this blog for a few different reasons: I love Bones, I love to write, I love to research...and I wanted a place updated as often as possible with as much Bones news as possible. I never imagined it would become such a great community. I never imagined, to be honest, anyone would even come!

So, again, thank you. A thousand million Thank You's.

Here's to the next 500!

Eric Millegan at Hot in Hollywood

There are still no additional stage pictures or video from Eric Millegan and Emily Deschanel's recent appearance at the Hot in Hollywood charity event, but here are a few pictures of Eric (credit to Gettyimages.com and Exposay.com) from his entrance.

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Kristen's Latest Bones Scoop

Kristen, at E! Online (who gave us the great 'beer in the shower' David Boreanaz interview) has posted a scoop list that includes a few Bones tidbits.

Chris in Moline, Ill.: Can you tell me if they will ever get around to catching the "Grave Digger" from season two on Bones?
Yes. (And the Grave Digger ep is one of my fave Bones episodes ever, by the way.) According to Bones boss Hart Hanson, "We are going to do the Grave Digger this year. He is our recurring fiend." Meaning, it's not just going to be a one-off: "I do think we'd dedicate a few episodes to catching him." I nominate Scott Glenn for the part, because he is awesome and can do villainy as easily as some people breathe.

Ally in Seattle: Bones!
According to Emily Deschanel you can expect the following from the first few episodes of season four: "We did a dogfighting episode-that was really sad. And we have an episode where the victim is a transgender person, and at first we don't know from the bones if it's a man or a woman, and we have to figure that out. That was a really interesting, wonderful story."

Admittedly, the Gravedigger thing is not new. It's been asked over and over and over and has passed way beyond the realm of "spoiler" by now. But I always love seeing them hit on Bones scoop. Attention never hurts!

Women in Forensic Science

This Associated Press article highlights the growing number of women choosing forensic science as a career. Many see the glamorous TV presentation on shows like CSI where:

Even while poking at dead bodies, the female scientists on shows like "CSI: Miami" often don revealing blouses and always have makeup jobs fresh out of a beauty salon.
It points out that is not the exact reality. But women in forensics can still be feminine and hey, whatever gets the women interested seems to be okay.

Happily, the article (briefly) thanks Bones as showing a positive female scientist but I'm a bit shocked/sad that it doesn't thank Kathy Reichs, even while thanking a 100% fictional female forensic scientist character found in books.

Bones Spoiler Article

The Associated Press has a great article, full of spoilers, for the Bones Season 4 Premiere, "Yanks in the U.K." It looks to have been put together entirely from talking to Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz while they were filming the episode in London.

Thank you for the tip, Corgys!

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