Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eric Millegan: Cabaret in NYC

Hello Everyone,
After successful stints in Los Angeles and Washington D.C., I'm bringing my cabaret show to NYC for one night only at Don't Tell Mama next month. It's on 9/15 at 9:15pm. Don't Tell Mama is located at 343 West 46th Street in Manhattan. It's a very small room so if you want to come, I recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible. To do so, call (212) 757-0788 after 4pm. There's a $30 cover plus a two drink minimum. Please note that Don't Tell Mama doesn't accept credit cards. Cash only.
I hope to see you there!


Australia May be behind on Bones...

...but they get great promos! Check out this video. It's a current Australian promo for Bones, which is airing Season 3 now, or soon, or...this whole keeping up with the world gets confusing! =)


Thanks, Squirt (our last podcast interviewee).

Those teasing videos on the Kristen article...

Here are those videos, working!

One fun line (about Booth): That man's got a head like a boulder.

Spoiler about the person who dies:

This one is also a spoiler, for the same reason.

This clip has case details, but is NOT otherwise a spoiler. And it's rather funny.

That earlier spoiler clip can't be the end of the episode.

Bones Polling: 10 Favorite Episodes

Tracie has started a poll asking Bones fans to pick their 10 favorite episodes. Go help her out and vote here!

I votes. I picked out 8 without stopping then had to decided among the rest for 2 more. I could negotiate those choices forever! Too many great episodes, which is a good problem to have.

E! Article accompanying that video...

Here is the E!Online Watch with Kristen article that accompanies the video I posted yesterday.

It's heavy on spoilers, just be warned. The spoilers are pretty much re-hashes. So, it's up to you! But here's a nice non-spoiler excerpt:

All you overseas Bones fans, good news: You can start making up those "I Heart D.B." posters now, because Bones stars may be coming to your country sometime soon! Barry Josephson told me that after the success of the first European expedition (the season premiere was shot on location in the U.K.), "We are going to do more international shows. The trip to England was at the suggestion of a studio executive, but when you see how well we do in other countries, it just makes sense. I've recently traveled a lot and have seen Bones airing in French Polynesia and New Zealand. And Bones is a forensic anthropologist, and she can travel anywhere, and she should!"

If you could resolve the Zack story....

If you could finish the Zack story, how would you do it?

Would he slowly fade out of the group?
Would it all be a dream?
Would he have somehow been coerced?
Would he be the mad scientist behind bars helping the rest of the Squints?
Would we find out he didn't do it at all?
Would he...?
If you could write the ending, no matter what you think of the beginning, how would you do it?

That's the question that drives the Zacksplanation script project between myself and Jamie Frevele. We have different passions and opinions about the Season 3 plot. We have different ideas on how to resolve it. What have different takes on pretty much everything. And with that, each of us wrote a script continuing the story.

We're going to post them on-line next week, one week before the premier. But first, I want to hear how you guys would handle the story!

We are not affiliated with Fox, Bones, any production company, etc. This is simply a fan project, a la fanfiction. It's just happens to look like a script. We're geeks. We're writing geeks. We're wannabee TV writing geeks. But no harm, infringement...please don't hurt us or pass off our work like episode sides. It's all in fun, but we worked really hard on it!

Behind the Scenes Pictures from the Photoshoot

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz both have great new pictures for a Fox promotion campaign. has 23 low-quality behind the scenes shots. Enjoy!

Thank you Stephanie and Cate for the tip.
Thank you Tracie for pointing out that the pictures were from the "So Fresh" campaign video that was posted at 206.

You can all see that video on the Fox site.

Emily Deschanel-Eric Millegan: Stage Picture

Here's a stage picture of Emily Deschanel and Eric Millegan singing together at Hot in Hollywood 2008 this past weekend.

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Fox Picture: Emily Deschanel

Here is Emily Deschanel's promo picture from the same line as this great David Boreanaz shot. They are part of a larger Fox promotion campaign.

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