Thursday, August 21, 2008

David Boreanaz on Regis and Kelly

Rumor has it that David Boreanaz will be appearing on Regis and Kelly on Wednesday September 3rd. I don't have any kind of confirmation yet and the TV listing for the day says the description is unavailable but pencil it in, set it up on the DVR, or whatever. I'm sure it will turn out to be true and it will definitely be a great interview. His always are!

Bones Next Week: Double Episode!

Next week, which is a scant 1 week before the premier, Fox is getting us ready for 2 hour Bones goodness by airing The Wannabee in the Weeds and The Pain in the Heart back to back in the same night. Make sure you tune in to both!

I don't know about you guys, but watching Booth get shot kinda hurts. And I know many of you aren't keen on seeing Zack crash and burn (literally) again. But watch anyway. Even if you've skipped all the reruns, support the show that night and get back in the groove and ready for the start of Season 4.

Spoiler Photos: The Man in the Outhouse

Spoiler stills for: The Man in the Outhouse, which is the 4th hour of Season 4) have leaked out already. You can see them at this link.

Thanks, Milky!

Bones Ratings: Verdict Rerun

They Olympics are definitely still dominating the airwaves, and there must be something magical about those darned dogs...but Bones is still holding it's own despite the fact the night change was not announced! Verdict in the Story pulled in a cool 4.74 million for the night.

And did you see the pre-show adverts? Go Fox! I had the TV turned down while I read a bit during the 1/2 hour before Bones aired and I actually saw a preview for Bones. Unexpected, but nice! (It wasn't a brand new promo, just in case you're wondering.)


Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 CBS Greatest American Dog 5.12 1.3/4

NBC Olympics 8p-11p 24.32 8.1/23

ABC Wife Swap (R ) 3.55 1.4/4

CW America’s Next Top Model (R ) 0.98 0.3/1

FOX Bones (R) 4.74 1.4/4

Bones Season 4 Premier Night Live Chat

A couple of days ago Yanin suggested the possibility of a live chat the night of the Bones Season 4 Premier. I did a little searching and found a great place we could do it but now I need to know: who would be interested?

Basic Idea -
The moment Yanks in the U.K. ends (not during it, sorry!) I would start the invites.

What it takes -
All you have to do is provide me with an email address to send your chat invite. It's completely free and seems to be a really simple but effective setup.

Just reply here if you'd like to see this happen and would be willing to participate. No need to publicly post your email. If you'd like to go ahead and send it though, ask a question privately, or anything you can always contact me at the blog email address,

Emily Deschanel picks out 5 Eco Faves

Emily Deschanel makes no secret she's a committed vegan, meaning she has to be extremely selective in every aspect of her life. But she's passionate about sharing the lifestyle with others and looks for new ways to support the cause and the commitment anywhere she can.

Her latest venture is partnering with Green with Glamour to pick out 5 favorite products to highlight which further brings attention to her passionate beliefs.

“My number one place to buy gifts is Green with Glamour, but I never can resist getting several things for myself as well. It’s wonderful to know that you can be eco-friendly, ethically sound, and not have to scrimp on style. They do all of the whittling away, so you are only browsing the creme de la creme. It makes shopping so easy! From eco fashion to beautiful furniture, GWG has everything I could possibly want (or need).”
Read more about it here and then check out the products she chose.

The skeleton pillow is rather fitting, don't you think?

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