Friday, August 22, 2008

I want to see that Bones site... has a feature on the redesign of the Fox website. One of the examples shown is a brand new Bones page. It's not a redesign of the official Bones page the show has always had. But it might be one of the "new" sites mentioned.

The other key component of the strategy is directing audiences away from the main Web site and onto the dozens of other show-themed sites Fox is launching. For “Fringe,” for example, that means putting viewers on the road to, a Fox-owned site filled with both real and fictional examples of “fringe” science.

“There are a bunch of other sites there as well (tied to ‘Fringe’),” Mr. Tankersley said. He declined to name the sites, however, declaring, “Part of the fun is discovering them.”

Interesting! Anyone have a bead on the Bones site? Or up for suggesting a few names like "" (not the right one) or others?

It might just be an as yet un-seen redevelopment of that official page. But just for fun, what name would you pick for a Bones site?

Hurry up and wait! Sitting on your hands until Bones returns

I now have email addresses for everyone who signed up for the Bones premier night live chat post-Yanks in the U.K. You can still sign up!

I am determined to crown a King of the Lab this weekend. As yet no one has guessed the one episode where I *know* Booth is talking with Cam and playing with a poker chip. Drat. I'd give it to you just for finding a true scene, any scene, which fits those conditions.

Edit: Shep, you've been dethroned!
If you're one of those people looking forward to the scripts on Wednesday, go give your theory on Zack and then read my theory, "The Evolution of Zack Addy." (That was posted a scant day after The Pain in the Heart and provides nearly 60 comments of debate fodder. Jamie posted her own theory around the same time on Flummoxology but be warned hers gives the whole bag.)

If freelance projects don't kick my booty this weekend, I will try to post my next Episode Review, for "The Man in the Bear".

Bones gets pulled into Politics, just a bit

Next week, from Monday-Thursday, the Democratic Party in the US is holding it's national convention.

All the networks are expected to cover next week's convention, just not all of it. ABC, NBC and CBS will cut in live for one hour each night at 8. PBS, MSNBC and CNN will be covering it for three hours each night beginning at 7.
Then there's Fox, which isn't expected to cover the convention at all.
At least that's the word as I write this, though things could change before Monday when the convention begins. But when I asked a Fox spokesman why the network won't break away from prime-time reruns of "Prison Break," "Bones" and the like, the answer was the convention starts when the network signs off for local news.
So, despite there will be 1 public channel covering it all each night, 3 other channels covering an hour each night and then cable doing more...Fox is being attacked. I don't want to get political here but seriously, how many channels have to cover the same thing? Just know that your local affiliate does have the option to cut programming to cover the convention. So, be warned that next Wednesday night your Bones could be pre-empted.

I am not in the slightest trying to put Bones above important national politics. This could be a big huge debate about programming choice and how you can only need watch the same event on one channel... I just wanted to make you all aware.

Season 4 Premier Live Chat!

Well, I can definitely say enough people have responded to make Bones Season 4 Premier live chat happen! So, the moment Yanks in the U.K. ends I will run upstairs to my computer, set up the chatroom and send you the invites! Hopefully within a few minutes of the end of the episode we'll all be dishing!

For you lucky dogs who are at or near your computer while watching TV (not me) I will pop up a post at start time where you can all respond with your live thoughts.

Here's the list of people I have so far. If you haven't sent me your email, please do drop me a quick line at and I'll get you on the list for invites. If you haven't yet expressed your interest but would like to come, you certainly still have time. I will periodically pimp this event between now and the premier and give it one last plug the day of!

Yanin - have email
Razz - have email
Leah - have email
Taneesa - have email
Jocelyn - have email
Ms Feasance - have email
Mom2ABnTB - have email
L - have email
Amanda - have email
Su - have email
Trish - have email
Louise - have email
Johana - have email
Cupcakebean - have email
JoAnna - have email
Ashley - have email
ADDhole - have email
Jamie - have email
My husband - have email
(You, yes, YOU, whoever you are, belong here. Come join the fun!)
And, yeah, if you sent me an email and I missed it, poke me again.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

For those of you who don't get to participate this time, it is definitely something I hope to do again. And the next time around we'll come up with something that's friendly to all timezones. Me thinks that's a hard task with all this delay stuff...but I'll think of something! =)

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