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Episode information for "The Man in the Outhouse"

Fox has put out it's press-release for the September 10th Bones episode, "The Man in the Outhouse." Plot spoiler warning! Check it out on TheFutonCritic.

Yanks in the UK. - Video Guide

Since I've now posted more 10 videos that deal with the Bones Season 4 Premier, Yanks in the U.K., I thought I'd put together a bit of a guide.

Each link will tell you whether the video has spoilers or not. Many of the interviews are spoiler-free.

Spoiler scene clip #1 - As seen on Watch with Kristen
Spoiler scene clips #2-4 - Also seen on Watch with Kristen
B-roll video for Yanks in the U.K.
Interview with Hart Hanson
Interview with David Boreanaz
Interview with Emily Deschanel
Interview with Indira Varma
Interview with Andrew Buchan
Interview with Ben Greenacre (Locations sup)
Interview with Gordon Londsale (Dir. of Photography)
Montage of London Scenery

London - Montage of Locations around the city

This video accompanies all the others. It's not at all spoilery, simply showing a montage of the London scene.

Thanks, Lindsey.

Bones Season 4 Premier - Yanks in the U.K. B-roll video

Here is the Yanks in the U.K. B-roll. If you don't know what that means, it's basically a video showing the filming, including all the crew and equipment. This video doesn't always have sound but I would consider it spoilery (and sometimes humorously so) for a few of the Yanks in the U.K. scenes.

Thanks, Cordy!

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz talks about London, British fans and Yanks in the U.K.

*possible spoilers* (having trouble with my browser and can't watch)

PS Booth with a striped shirt? Whoa.

Thanks Lindsey!

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Andrew Buchan

Andrew Buchan, who plays Brennan's British counterpart, talks about the writing in Bones, differences in British and American word usage, and filming in London. His voice is a bit deeper in real life than it is in the spoiler clip we've seen before.

*no spoilers*

Thanks Lindsey!

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel shot this video while at Oxford. She talks a little about characters, a little bit about two scenes (very very slight spoilers), London, and British fans.

Thanks Lindsey!

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Hart Hanson (Spoilers)

Here is a great interview video with Hart Hanson. He talks about Booth and Bones, Yanks in the U.K., and locations and filming in London in general.

Technically there are spoilers, including one of the "Booth and Bones will (x) this Season" that we have already heard. If you're completely anti-, skip it. He doesn't give away any specific plot points of the episode, but he does talk a little bit more about a scene from the promos and Booth on buses, both of which are funny.

As usual, his video is full of wonderful stories and tidbits you love to hear.

Thanks Lindsey!

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Ben Greenacre

Ben Greenacre is the British Supervising Locations Manager for the Yanks in the U.K. episode. He talks about some of the locations where they shot.

*no spoilers beyond "We filmed (there)."*

Thanks, Lindsey!

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Gordon Lonsdale

Gordon Lonsdale is the director of photography for Bones and the Yanks in the U.K. episode. He talks about his work and some of the challenges of filming in London.

*no spoilers*

Thanks Lindsey!

Yanks in the U.K. - Video with Indira Varma

Here is a cute video with Indira Varma explaining what it was like to work between Booth and Bones and how she helped rearrange some words and dialog to sounds right for an English (U.K. English) speaker. David Boreanaz makes a brief cameo.

*no spoilers*

Thanks, Lindsey!

Bones Episode: "The Man in the Outhouse" - Stills

Here are the larger versions of the pictures for the Bones Episode, 4.04 "The Man in the Outhouse" that I linked earlier this week.

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