Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TV's Biggest Mysteries: Angel at #2

Mom2b sent me this info from this week's print TV Guide where they ranked the Top 10 TV Mysteries.

#2 with "How did Angel's ultimate battle against evil turn out?
Apparently, things went to Hell. Literally. Creator Joss Whedon told
tvguide.com last fall that he would have 'plummeted LA straight to hell'
after Buffy's boy and his peeps charged that army of demons in the series
finale's closing scene. Instead, the apocalypse is now playing out in
the comic-book series called: Angel: After the Fall."

Thanks for the info!

Seeley Booth: Action Figure

Seriously, how many of you would snap up the Booth action figure if it were a real production?

Booth action figure

(Thanks for the link, Lindsey)

PS Speaking of Lindsey. We recorded this week's podcast last night and hopefully will have it up before the day is out. Hope you enjoy!

Bones: Season 4 Cast Promo Pictures?

I have yet to find a root source for these, but they appear on 206 @ LJ, and are supposedly the Bones Season 4 Cast Promo Pictures.

I want to see them full-sized!

Matt Mitovich: Mega Minute Bones Chat

Matt Mitovich starts out this week's Mega Minute with a lot of Bones talk about the Season 4 Premier: Yanks in the UK. It hints at a lot but gives away no exact details...I say watch it! He rates the premier a 9 out of 10.

Kathy Reichs: Spoiler on the next book

Devil Bones, book #11, is on the shelves today and Kathy Reichs is already giving out tidbits for the next one! Columnist Liz Smith just interviewed her (can't wait to see that full piece) and she had this to report:

SPEAKING OF writers, I just interviewed the wonderful Kathy Reichs on whose works they created the TV hit "Bones." Her latest, "Devil Bones" novel, coming out this very day, is about the forensic scientist Temperance Brennan and will shoot up the charts. But the inside skinny from Kathy is that her next novel will take place , not in North Carolina and Montreal as so many of her books have. No, the mise en scene will be Montreal and Chicago! This will somehow involve the mysterious deaths of elderly ladies and readers will get to meet members of Tempe's extended in-law family, the Petersons. They are a colorful lot.
Interesting flip!

New Spoiler from Kristen for Yanks in the U.K.

This spoiler Q&A answer from Kristen has so much Bones Season 4 Premier Info that I can't excerpt more than the last line. You can see the entire answer here. (A little over 1/2 of the way down)

Oh, and David Boreanaz himself is going to direct episode 10 this season (hang in there for more that).

Kathy Reichs: Devil Bones out today!

Kathy Reichs is releasing her 11th Temperance Brennan novel, Devil Bones, today! Who is running out to pick up a copy? I am unfortunately going to be waiting awhile. I'm still working my way through the other books but I can't wait to read it. I'm sure it will be as great as the rest!

One place to consider purchasing the book, is from Murder by the Book. This Houston business is going out of it's way to support injured veterans, donating 10% of sales. You can find out the complete details on how to get your copy through them on Kathy Reichs' website blog.

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