Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Short Yanks Clip

A treat for those of you who avoid spoilers. This is a quick scene between Booth and Bones. I'm not sure if what's said is a line, or David/Emily banter. But it's cute, and fun.

It might be from the B-roll, I'm not sure at the moment.

Thanks Marymageli for the find!

10 Favorite Bones Episodes

Tracie asked everyone to visit her poll on your 10 favorite Bones episodes. Results are in! You can check out the fully tally, including past year results, here.

How closely did the list match with your choices?

Bones Ratings: Bones top Primetime show on Fox last week

For the Week of August 28-24, Bones was the highest rated show on Fox, for the airing of Verdict in the Story. Go Bones!


August 27th, 2008 by Bill Gorman


Bones Tops with 4.8 Million

Rank Show R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Viewers, Live+SD (000)
1 BONES SP-8/20 8P(S) SR 4,760
3 FAMILY GUY SP-8/24 8:30P(S) SR 4,174
5 SMARTER THAN 5TH 8/22-9P(S) SR 4,120
6 COPS 2 R 3,999
7 SMARTER THAN 5TH 8/22-8P(S) SR 3,843
8 SIMPSONS R 3,423
9 HOUSE-TUE 8P R 3,302
10 COPS R 3,290
11 TERMINATOR:SCC SP-8/20 9P(S) SR 2,913
12 TERMINATOR:SCC SP-8/19 9P(S) SR 2,796
14 TERMINATOR:SCC SP-8/24 9P(S) SR 2,298
15 TERMINATOR:SCC SP-8/18 9P(S) SR 2,167
16 TIL DEATH-SUN 7:30P R 1,979
17 TIL DEATH-SUN 7P R 1,857

Latest Bones Spoilers

TV Squad has a full run-down Bones spoilers of "What to Expect in Season 4." It's chocked full of info covering love, work, and Zack.

The next episode title has been released. Episode 4.09 will be titled "The Skull in the Sculpture."

Schedule Reminder: 2 hours of Bones tonight

It's just going to be a Zack themed day. Remember that tonight both Wannabee and Pain will be airing. Don't sell it all short though. Remember that little thing, ya know, about Booth getting shot?

Robert Bianco at USA today isn't forgiving though. Check out his latest Critic's Corner.

That thing, from those promos...

The first set of promos for Bones Season 4 revealed a big plot point for at least part of the early season: The Brennan and those guys thing. Suddenly it went from spoiler to spotlight and we all chatted about it a bit here. Here's a revival of the subject, with a tack-on, from Korbi TV at Zap2It.

I need some Brennan-Booth Bones scoop, please. -Kate
Brennan will be seeing a couple guys when the season opens, though neither of them seriously. Still, Booth will make his jealousy over both situations quite obvious.
It's really past scoop, at this point, Korbi, but thanks for the highlight. Do you guys think she knows something more than you see in the promos, or she's just inferring it from his actions?

-This post brought to you by a Wendy/Milky collaboration-

Zacksplanation Time!

Okay, I know I've been talking about this for...forever. Some of you are excited and some of you may be tired of it. But here you go!

We're still not going to say exactly what each script entails. We both worked really hard and wrote some solid Zack fun! I hope you look at these scripts as more than just Zack stories. We poured a lot more into them than just his tale. Both scripts have full cases and stories outside of Zack. The scripts are very, very different, however.

One script has a case of the week with a Zack B-story.
One script has Zack as the main story, with a case around the edges.
One has a bath scene.
One has garbage being thrown on a beloved character.
One has cats.
One has pie.
One introduces a new science.
One has Booth/Brennan bickering cuteness.
And the biggest difference:
In one, Zack did it. In the other, he didn't.

We hope you read and enjoy them both! Please let us know if you do. =)

And, without further ado...

(These links will prompt you to save PDF files.)

The Man in the Restaurant (by Jamie Frevele)
(link removed as I've decided to work it into a full novel completely independent of Bones)

Choose-your-own adventure Zack (previous post)

If you just can't stand *not* knowing a bit about each script ahead of time, we each wrote introductions to our scripts, with spoilers, on our own blogs. You can read Jamie's here, and mine here. Enjoy!

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