Monday, September 1, 2008

Emily Deschanel Charity Appearance

Emily Deschanel @ Farm Sanctuary 2008

Saturday, September 6th, Emily Deschanel will appear at the Animal Acres 2008 Gala, which is a fundraiser for the Animal Acres Emergency Rescue Fund which plans to build "a 14-stall Rescue Center barn to significantly increase the sanctuary's rescue and rehabilitation efforts for suffering farmed animals."
The festivities will begin at 5:00 pm with the "Cowtail Party", where celebrity hosts, award recipients, and Gala guests meet and mingle with the sanctuary's "guests of honor" - over 150 rescued cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, sheep and goats. Gala guests will then gather in the sanctuary rose garden to enjoy a gourmet dinner sponsored by Madeleine Bistro, one of L.A.'s premier vegan restaurant. The Gala menu includes baby lettuces with candied walnuts, chardonnay cheese and poached pear vinaigrette, and Grilled lemon-rosemary seitan with ratatouille, polenta, and smoked paprika crème.
Sounds like a fun and interesting event. She's both beautiful and tirelessly giving!

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Emily Deschanel at Farm Sanctuary 2008

Bones Promo...Quick Tidbit

I recorded a movie 2 nights ago on Lifetime. I just now watched it and as I fast forwarded through commercials, what did I see? Booth and Brennan and London! Fox is actually promoting Bones off-network. I can't wait to see the ratings for the premier.

Just thought I'd share. =)

Bones Podcast: #9 up now! (I swear)

We've had some technical difficulties, of most every form, with this Bones podcast from last week. #9 should be working now. And we've already got the next podcast, which is a special edition for our 10th installment, nearly ready to post. Enjoy!

Bones Graphics: Show your stuff

Have icons, fan art, wallpapers, banners or other Bones graphics you're proud of? Email them to me at or post a link in reply here and I'll add you to the post and you can show off your work.

To start, we have MOM2ABNTB, who sent me this great wall-paper made of some of the recently released Bones Season 4 promo shots.

Here are a few sent in by Monisse:

Here are a few wallpapers and some great icons from Cordy:

These are from Milkmama, made by her husband:

Ella has a few to share

And, from Shep:

This is a sketch I did last night. I'm so proud of it so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Please please tell me what you think, hot or not-so-hot? I know it's an Angel one but I do think he looks rather sexy. I'm planning on starting some Bones art but I'd be glad if anyone has any ideas - I need inspiration (but keep it clean! ;P)

King of the Lab - Trivia

After giving Jane some extra time to savor her victory, it's time for a new King of the Lab!

Name the (or at least a) episode and scene where Booth gives Brennan a gun she didn't ask for.

First correct commenter wins. As always, if you're posting as Anonymous please leave some kind of name/initial for credit.

New Season 4 Promo

Here's a promo for multiple Season 4 episodes of Bones. Enjoy!

Thanks, Tracie! You still rock the promos.

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