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Interview with Michaela Conlin

Somehow I missed this interview entirely. Here, BuddyTV interviews Michaela Conlin. They talk a lot about Bones Season 4 spoilers - everything from Birimbau to Zack.

Thanks, Su!

MSN Interview with David Boreanaz

MSN has a more complete interview with David Boreanaz from this week's reporter conference call. Check out the full interview here.

A few non-spoiler excerpts:

On what impact him being a producer has on the show's story lines:

It's really a lot of character stuff and ideas, and implementing them into the story line or scripts.

On following the career path of Bruce Willis, an actor whose first big break was on "Moonlighting" as a detective with major sexual chemistry between him and his partner:

I think it was the second season of "Bones," I bumped into him and he couldn't have been nicer. He was very cool. He said, "You're doing a great job." And I said, "Well, I'm just following your lead. I have such high respect for you." It was a really cool moment.

On "Bones" being more widely viewed than his two previous series that had a cult following:

I think what's great about "Bones" is that it's been embraced by the critics and by a following of people that have really supported us from the beginning, which in retrospect is the same as the other shows that I was on. We still remain pretty much under the radar. I still believe there's a lot of growth for the show. I think the beauty has been its gradual increase.

IGN talks with Emily Deschanel

IGN has posted a medium length interview with Emily Deschanel. It's spoiler free and talks a little about the Bones premier and a lot about filming in London.

IGN TV: How was it filming in London?

Emily Deschanel: It was great. It was amazing. We might have fifteen minutes of rain the whole time. It was gorgeous weather and London in the summertime when you have good weather… there's nothing better. It's such a beautiful city and everyone is outside. It's light until very late. Everyone is out drinking a lot at the pubs, for sure. It's fun and we had a great time. I was sick, so I missed days off, but I enjoyed working there.

Radio Interview with Kathy Reichs - Bones dished too

This radio call-in interview with Kathy Reichs hits on the book, Devil Bones, as well as the show and her role in it. It's from this morning, actually. It's a great listen!

Zap2It Bones Article

All you people who don't read spoilers can read this one. It's a great chat with both David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel about Bones Season 4, their characters, Zack, filming in London and more.

"It was definitely a different environment for the two characters, which I think really enhanced the level of their relationship, because when you see them before the show and then you see them after the show and their progress and their process... especially Booth's, because he doesn't get what they're doing over there and by the end of the show, he kind of not only gets it, but he loves it," Boreanaz says. "He's that type of guy, his motivation comes from frustration, whether it be from [Brennan], or on top of the frustration from her, he's extra-motivated by the people from England who are doing crazy things. That really drives him crazy. That's where the essence of the comedy comes in."

David Boreanaz: Conference Call

David Boreanaz is making the press rounds promoting Bones Season 4. The earlier post from Hal Boedeker is part of it, I'm sure.

But Lynn @ Searchingbones has posted some additional tidbits from her conference call participation and promises a full interview recap to come. Check it out here. It has spoilers, sorry!

I asked if we had seen the last of [the Cocky belt buckle] and he laughed and said that it is definitely still around and we’ll continue to see it this season.
What do you think about what she's posted?

PS I'm looking forward to learning more about Booth!

Bones Season 4 Promo Pictures - Booth and Bones

Here's another Booth and Brennan Season 4 image.

Check out the August 29th Archive for the rest of the shots that have been released so far.

Do you fan-fic?

Jamie Frevele (yes, that Zacksplanation and Podcast Rumble chick!) has written an article for the Huffington Post about fanfiction. Check it out here. It's a great read!

Do you dig fanfiction? Do you write it? Do you find it strange? Post away.

Not technically new, but new specifics?

Orlando Sentinel TV critic Hal Boedeker has a few tidbits from David Boreanaz on the Booth/Bones relationship progression this season. Is it just me, or is that more specific than what we've heard before? It's still a tease, but it's a tease with details, I think.

Zack Spoilers

TV Guide has some new information on how we'll see Zack. David Boreanaz talks about a specific episode story arc and what Booth does with Zack.

Those who read it, what do you think? Will it be funny or just drag things out even more?

Go on a Bones scavenger hunt

Fox has posted some interactive content related to the Bones Season 4 premier. I have not had a chance to do it yet (work, yeah) so I can't tell you if it contains spoilers or not but I would guess that it does. It unlocks new content at each step. Post when you've done it and let us know how it goes!

Bones game

Bones Podcast: #10 - Special Edition

If you listened to the 9th installment of the Bones Podcast, you know that the 10th is a very special edition. Lindsey and I tossed out our normal format and invited Jamie Frevele (one and the same from the Zacksplanations) and Mandi Bierly, who writes for EW.com, to come and discuss some Bones topics! We kept it spoiler-free but had a great time and hope you enjoy it.

It is about 1 1/2 hours long so it's in 2 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Email us and let us know what you think! And you can always drop by our Podbean page to download the files, subscribe, and more.

Hart Hanson Email Exchange

At this link you can read a very long, and great email exchange with Hart Hanson and an old friend. He talks about Bones, Zack, London, music likes and more. There are some spoilers, but they are in-line with Comic-Con and not really anything new.

WD: Okay, and most importantly...when's the House/Bones crossover?

HH: David Shore and I talk about this once a week. So far, it’s much more to "Bones" advantage than it is to “House’s” -- although we are now beating “House” in reruns. Like anyone cares. Aside from us.
There's also one picture that's brand new and important but it would be a spoiler so you'll have to go there to see it. Enjoy!

Bones Review: Gratuitous Overuse of "Jump the Shark"

Ted Cox, with Chicago's Daily Herald, is a bit snarky about the Bones Season 4 premier. I stopped counting how many times he claims Bones "Jumps the Shark." But in the end he seems to like the show? I'm really not completely sure. He does give a few positive statements in there, and he answers definitively at least one spoiler question, but overall he's not very nice to Bones.

That's what makes the relationship between Booth and Brennan so fitting: their contradictions. For all his intuition, Booth is more set in his ways, while for all her logic Brennan is more eager to leap at new experiences, yet she can never quite bring herself to jump on Booth. They get along like a well-matched married couple - fractious, yet loving and respectful - only without the sex.
Which is then followed immediately with:
That's the one trademark "Jump the Shark" moment "Bones" might not be able to survive.
Do what? Has he missed the long line of shows that keeps tension rolling? You can read the full article here.

Bones Special Screening

Hart Hanson and John Francis Daley (the only one who looks like a nerd now) headlined a special screening of Bones at the California Science Center on August 28th. Check out the ad on their home page. Fox is definitely going all out for Bones!

Isn't the poster behind them cool?

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