Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Livechat now!

A great group of us are live chatting about the premier right now. If you'd like to join us, drop an email to and I'll send you the invite info.

Live chat went strong for 1 1/2 hours! It was a blast and we will definitely do it again.

Bones Premier Live Thoughts

I can't watch the premier and be at the computer, but here's a post where you can share your live thoughts on the Bones Season 4 Premier - Yanks in the U.K. - as the episode unfolds.

Post away!

And if you want to join the live chat at 10pm eastern, email me at!

Homework for Season 4

There's currently a poll on the right, and an accompanying post from a few days ago asking what you want to see in the 4th Season of Bones. Jamie Frevele has posted her own list over at her Huffington Post blog. It's a great read!

One of her must-haves:

More for Cam and Sweets: Poor Dr. Saroyan had to make Booth pretend to be her boyfriend last season. Have you seen Tamara Taylor? Because Cam looks just like her. Please, hook the girl up! She deserves it! As for Sweets (John Francis Daley)? We've seen him get dumped, we've seen him as a believable red herring for Gormogon's apprentice, and we've seen him really annoy Bones and Booth. We like him, but it's time to put him in some sort of peril so we can find a reason to care about him. Or make him a killer, like you did with the other cute one with the funny lines.

Share your Bonesday

I thought I'd make a post, per Jeannie's suggestion, where you can share your corner of the Bones community.

Here's where I will be watching Bones in a couple of hours. I love my cushy couch and warm blanket. And see the big spiral where I start taking review notes?

Share your Bonesday!


Jeannie emailed me hers:

This is sort of a German thing, don’t know if it is done in other countries as well. For the first day at school the first-graders get a really big “Zuckertüte” over here, that is a huge “cone” filled with candy and school stuff to make their first day at school a bit sweeter, literally. Usually, you only get this for your very first day at school but my parents were always gracious about that – I got one everytime I started something new. New school, physical therapy school, language university – you get the idea. So I thought Bones should get one for the first day of their new season as well…

Ashley's Bonesday setup:

Angela's Bonesday fun (Mom2)

Amanda T's Bonesday (I love your shirt!):

Korbi hands out spoilers like Candy

Korbi, over at Zap2It, gives detailed information about tonight's premier - completely spoiler-heavy. Most of it is already known but it clearly answers what will, and won't, happen on the other side of the pond.

Check it out here.

She does not lack for Clark Edison love (hey, I like him too)...or maybe it's just big-time, old-school 90210 gushing:

Oh, and a fun fact for you, Eugene Byrd who plays Clark Edison, the squint that is sort of filling in for Zach in tonight's ep, is -- funny enough for a big 9-0 fan like moi -- a Beverly Hills, 90210 alum. Remember the season two episode where Brandon befriends a black family that includes Vivica Fox as Sherice Ashe and her brother, Ronny, a freshman photographer who volunteers to work at The Blaze? Um, Ronny is totally Clark Edison aka. Eugene Byrd! I don't know why, but that just makes me happy...

Mandi Bierly dishes Bones, David Boreanaz and more

Mandi Bierly has posted a blog entry dishing on her David Boreanaz interview and her appearance on the Podcast rumble with myself, Lindsey, and Jamie.

Check out the full entry here.

I love this part of her post:

The soothing music almost lulled [David Boreanaz] to sleep on a comfy cream leather couch. Luckily, there was just enough foot traffic to keep him awake — and laughing. He greeted every hotel employee that passed through and told one robed woman that she'd made a good choice when she grabbed an orange from the fruit platter. (Though he'd later steal a banana.) When Ivanka Trump walked by later, leading a large tour, he repeated "Bones, 8 o'clock, Wednesday nights, best show on television" on loop. (One woman said she was now going to put the show on her DVR — ha!)
I really think she did the best interview we've seen lately, don't you?

TV Guide: 2 Bones Mentions

Matt Roush talks a little Bones scoop. He loves the show but kind of hopes we never see Zack again.

Bones in Britain. Early September is a busy time for Fox as well. The Fringe premiere is less than a week away, Prison Break is already well into its next caper, and tonight it’s Bones’ turn to launch a new season with a two-hour opener, this one set in London. It’s a jolly good romp, as Bones and Booth meet a mirror-image British duo with switched genders: the tough cop is a woman, while the droll scientist is a man—who at one point, observing his U.S. counterparts, quips, “I love the mix of the personal and the professional you people seem to manage.” The separate mysteries in both hours are enjoyable, and it’s fun watching cowboy Booth work in a more genteel society (“Without a gun, I’m practically naked”) while comically struggling with a new way of battling city traffic (“I’m glad we had a revolution”). Back at the Jeffersonian, Angela and Hodgins have more relationship issues, and with Zach gone—the less said about that storyline, the better—it looks like we’re in for a long-running joke of new lab assistants who have trouble fitting in with this eccentric ensemble.
And they've posted their own version of the David Boreanaz conference call we've seen referenced here, here, and here. I don't think it imparts anything new but it's always great to see Bones mentions!

Futoncritic talks to David Boreanaz

As part of the reporter conference call, also highlighted here and here,'s Jim Halterman spoke with David Boreanaz about Bones, London, and Season 4.

One of the things that "Bones" has done so well from the start is expertly balancing the humor and the crime of the week. When asked how they keep both elements move forward so steadily, he felt that, "it's a very fine line. There are a lot of fine moments that I'm always like 'David you're playing Booth a little bit too much over the top or a little too goofy.' Those notes come to me sometimes because I bring at least 150% percent of his energy in his scenes. It's a lot easier to bring him down than it is to bring him up, believe me." Speaking more specifically about the work he and Deschanel bring to the series, he revealed that, "we get scripts that don't have specific moments or things that Emily and I will put in... because really it's the characters that kind of pop and create the show that exists today and makes it better and fun to watch because of these moments."
You can read the entire piece here. Other than talking about what he wants to see in regards to Booth this season, the interview is spoiler-free.

17 Pop-Culture Questions for David Boreanaz

Mandi Bierly, from and our recently posted podcast rumble, asked David Boreanaz "17 pop-culture questions". It has a lot of fun information that has not been put out before., he wasn't close in the running for Batman Begins, but he did nearly have something else...

Check out the full Q&A here.

Ausiello: Yanks in the U.K. spoilers

Ausiello tosses out more at least two new spoilers about tonight's Season 4 premier of Bones. One raises a question and one is funny. Check it out.

Edit: Don't be like me and miss the 2nd block of spoilers. Enjoy!

It's Bonesday!

Happy first Bonesday of Season 4!

The premier is here, time to have fun, time to see new stories, find new things to discuss, and new moments to oh and ah over. Oh, and yes, don't forget new bodies to EWW over!

It's going to be a fun night! For those of you who are able, we'll be doing a live chat the moment the premier ends. If you'd like to join you just need to send me an email at and you can join the fun! For those of you all ready to go, I will send out the chat email as soon as the premier ends that will have the chat location, password information, etc.

I will also put up a post a few minutes before the premier begins so anyone who's near a computer while watching (unfortunately not something I can do) can post their live thoughts.

And, a couple of hours before the premier I will put up a post where you can share your Bones day pictures - the pizza you fed the kids so you didn't have to cook, the blanket that keeps you warm, the cat that gets in the way - post your pictures and share your Bonesday!

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