Monday, September 8, 2008

Bid on a necklace worn by Emily Deschanel

FarmSanctuary, a charity near and dear to Emily Deschanel's heart, is hosting an auction to fund their rescue efforts. Part of the auction is a necklace worn by Emily Deschanel on the set of Bones.

You can read all about the auction and their charitable efforts here, and check out the auction at this link.

The bid is currently at $450.


Fox: Bones Homepage Redesign has arrived!

Awhile ago they teased us with a new Bones homepage. It has arrived! Check it out here.

What do you think?

Watch with Kristen: Scoop Video

This video from Kristen, at E!Online, covers a lot of different shows, but does have a little Bones mention. It's not anything new, but it's a spoiler for those who are still unspoiled.


Linky Bits

I spent a lot of this weekend in a news-less cave of either relaxation or work. Here are a few things I never posted, nor even read until today.

David Boreanaz & The Green Lantern
DB voices Hal Jordan in a an animated version of the comic, released earlier this year, and his name has been floated for some time now as one of the possible, leading, maybe contenders for the live action role. Here's the latest gossip from that front, from the Coventry Telegraph blog.

Underrated Bones
It's something we all know well, but it's nice to see it mentioned. Bones is very underrated! Check out this Starpulse list, where Bones comes in on the top 5 underrated shows.

It's true - how many times have you asked around for others who watch Bones and found no one? Solution? Convert them all!

Comcast Promotional Video
Louise told us about the special video promo available only to Comcast On-Demand viewers, and in the process found of looking for an online version, she found this new London video. In it, you can see things not seen in any of the other promotional videos as well as much more of the much discussed double-decker bus scene we did not get to see.
*Note* I can only get it to work in Internet Explorer. No-go with Firefox.

David Boreanaz Q&A
Last week we got to read Mandi Bierly's fantastic pop culture Q&A with David Boreanaz. Here's a different, but still fun, short interview with Parade magazine. It starts out with the same questions the poor guy must have be able to answer in his sleep, but I like the final question:

Q: Were you always a hunk?

A: Not in grade school growing up. I had my shortcomings — crazy hair, braces, bad skin and all that stuff. I went through it all.
New Fox Promo, with a dash of Bones
I hope this doesn't mean we're back to Bones being the red-headed stepchild of Fox. Here's the latest Fox fall lineup promo and it features (hard to even use that word) the briefest, barest shot of Booth and Brennan with the words "Arresting." Could we please can the 4th and 5th House and Prison Break references, and give Bones a little more love?

Promotional Screencaps of Booth and Brennan

Here are two screen captures of the promo images used in recent promotional commercials/videos for Bones.

The much-loved shot where they are laying down, arms around each other:

And another fun shot:

They were originally posted at the forums. Thanks for the heads up, Milky.

Spoilers for 4.04 and 4.05

Our next Bones episode is 4.03, "The Man in the Outhouse." You can see the releases stills and read the episode description here.

I'm anal and like to stay focused just one episode ahead when the season is rolling. But spoilers roll out as fast as the episodes are shot, and they are considerably farther ahead than just one episode right now.

Upcoming episodes, descriptions: (from TheFutonCritic)
"The Finger in the Nest"
"The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond"

They are beyond that even, if you read the 'sides' (which I don't post nor read myself anymore), but no other official descriptions have been released just yet.

Episode stills have also been released. I will post them myself, closer to air dates. But, in the meantime, you can see episodic stills at these links:
"The Finger in the Nest"
"The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond" - There is only one picture for this that has been released so far. It was first seen in the Hart Hanson email interview I posted last week. Use this link to go directly to the image.

Special Promo for Comcast Users

Louise emailed me about a special promo available only to Comcast OnDemand users. I'm going to post what she told me about it. There is a *slight* Booth/Brennan spoiler that is likely to provoke some debate.

If you go to Comcast OnDemand, and then TV Entertainment-Fall Previews-Fox, there's a 2 min preview of Bones. It includes the same Bones on Dating/Bones on Attraction clips we've seen before, but also an extended version of the possum scene, and a clip where Bones tells Cam that she needs a forensic anthropologist in the lab, so she can be free "to aim Agent Booth in the right direction" (to which Booth replies "aim Agent Booth in the right direction? What am I, a hose?!"). It's very cute!
I'm jealous! I wish I could see it.

That's very interesting about Brennan completely wanting out of her lab duties, even jokingly. That's bound to upset some fans who want her right back in the lab and might answer the question I posed in the Yanks review about Clark's departure and which side of the science vs characters debate the season will follow.

King of the Lab - Trivia

This week's question:

Who accused Booth and Brennan of having dishonest tricks?

Comment away. I'm not providing the exact quote because I think that would make it too obvious.

As with the last two questions, I'm thinking of a specific episode or character, but there may be more than one correct answer.

Just a note: why did I pick Monday mornings for KotL? My brain isn't working yet.

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