Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Man in the Outhouse - Live Thoughts

As usual, I can't be at the computer and the TV at the same time. But, that shouldn't stop the rest of you from sharing your thoughts! Post away, all your thoughts about "The Man in the Outhouse", as it airs.

David Boreanaz behind the scenes at MyFox NY

David Boreanaz was in NYC last Wednesday for his Regis & Kelly interview and it looks to me like he's wearing the same outfit. The Megavideo poster dates it today but I think it's from a week ago. I also have no idea if there was an accompanying interview or what.

Either way, very funny and cute!

Man in the Outhouse: 2 clips has two clips from tonight's episode. Spoiler warning!

Clip 1

Clip 2

Thanks for the heads up, Louise!

Emily Deschanel at the Animal Acres 2008 Gala

I told you a little while ago that Emily Deschanel would be appearing at the Animal Acres 2008 Gala to benefit the Animal Acres Emergency Rescue Fund. And now we have pictures!
has a gallery of pictures from her appearance at the event. You can see the full group of photos here.

Those look like the same shoes from both the Dance Studio and Park promo shots of Brennan and Booth.

What I should have picked for today's Bonesday

In light of what I'm about to say, I think I should have picked "What have you done for Bones lately?" as our Bonesday topic. Me?

I'm making a Baby Squint!

Yes, so, when I seem out of it, MIA for a bit, forgetful, whatever, that's why. I'll save the details for my personal blog, but I just wanted to put out a quick note to explain things like - why it took me 3 days to do the last review. I'm not just a slacker, I swear!

It's Bonesday!!

It's Bonesday!!

This one sort of snuck up on me, for reasons I'll share soon. But it's here!

Tonight we get to see "The Man in the Outhouse". You can read the description and see the pictures here.

There's no livechat or picture show and tell this time, but how about we have another special sharing:

Tips on converting new fans!

Mine won't work for everyone. I've not been able to get anyone to just watch Bones on my word alone (c'mon people!) but I have converted two new fans and have one more potential on the way.

1st fan - my husband. Well, after a period of me talking about it, blogging about it, and watching it he finally decided to come try it. He's not a die-hard fan, but he watches and enjoys it!
2nd and 3rd fans were drawn in by my Zack script. I let two non-fans read it and they decided that it sounded like a great show to watch.

What are your conversion tips?

Bones Podcast: #11 is up!

We're back to a (mostly) regular format now for our Bones Podcast: The Writers in the Bonecast. This is our 11th installment and we spend most of it completely disagreeing about nearly all aspects of the season premier. Enjoy!

Email us and let us know what you think! And you can always drop by our Podbean page to download the files, subscribe, and more.

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