Monday, September 15, 2008

Tubey Awards

Awhile ago I told you about the Television Without Pity Tubey Award votes and at least one "What?!" nomination where David Boreanaz was up for "Least Favorite Actor." Well, Ms. Feasance tipped me off that the results are in, and there are a few Bones mentions in the winners.

(You may have to scroll a bit in each section to find the mention.)

Worst WTF Moment: Zack is Gormogon's Apprentice

Least Villanous Villan: Zack

And David Boreanaz did not win "Least Favorite Actor"

David Boreanaz: New Photoshoot

Setje, who runs, has posted images from a new David Boreanaz photoshoot for Bones over at the David Boreanaz Livejournal community, David B Daily. Sorry for the double watermark!

Check out the full set here.

King of the Lab - Screencap Trivia

Let's try a return to Screencap King of the Lab Trivia this week.

Can you name the episode?

Emily Deschanel at Kitten Rescue's "Fur Ball"

Emily Deschanel attended the first annual "The Fur Ball and the Skirball" in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 14th. It was held by Kitten Rescue, a charity that looks after stray cats in LA.

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