Saturday, September 20, 2008

TVSquad Says: Keep the old guy!

TVSquad has put Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson on notice:

Keep Michael Badalucco.

This post points out all the reasons that Michael Badalucco, aka Scott Starret, is the man for the job. Forget the rest of the interns. Keep this one!

Personally, I do really like him and hope we see him again. What do you think? Keep him, Clark, another, wait for the rest? Or just, ahem, bring Zack back?

Casting News: Jared Booth

Get ready to see this face in a few episodes! Meet Jared Booth, aka Brendan Fehr.

What do you think? Look like a good match for Booth's brother?

Read what the actor has to say, on his official website news page. (Be warned about possible spoilers and um...attitude.)

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